Looking for fun and hot summer finds? From summer treats to pool fun- check out these must have recommendations for a local mom!

Waco-summerSummer Fun for the Family

Stay cool and wet this summer on your trampoline.  There are several options to fit many different sizes.

Trampoline sprinkler $25.99



Here is something you could do inside or outside if it’s not too hot.  This Nerf target is electronic and keeps track of points and it has many different games to play.

Electronic Nerf target $27.00



And after your kids shoot Nerf bullets everywhere here is a quick pick-up method.

Nerf bullet picker $29.99



This game is perfect for the family and so fun.

Throw, Throw Burrito $24.99



Summer Treats

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are popsicle fanatics in the summer.  We go through tons of them.  Homemade popsicles are a great way to get some veggies or fruit in your kids without them thinking twice because they taste so good.

Silicone popsicle mold, funnel, sticks and recipe book on Amazon $26.99



Or if your kids prefer the ones in the plastic sleeve instead, these work well and Pinterest has a ton of good recipes you could tailor to your family.  The zip closed and also come with a funnel for easy use.

Disposable popsicle pouches $10.95



Pool Finds

The set I bought was around $17 and it has been so much fun for the adults but also for the kids to play with.  You can use them for Barbies or other toys to play in the bathtub or the pool.

Inflatable drink holders $12-$25



This has been my go-to float this summer because I can use it so many ways. You can either lay in it and relax or if you need to be alert and watching kiddos swim, you can sit up in it and float and stay cool.  They have lasted pretty well and can be deflated and stored easily.

4-in-1 pool hammock $14.04



These small and fun pool toys are different from the typical dive toys.  A bit fragile, so probably best for older kids, but they have enjoyed them at my house.

Aqua Splash mini stingray underwater pool glider

2pk at HEB for $8.69


This is the best speaker.  It holds charge for days, can withstand being splashed, it’s compact and has great sound.  We use it by our pool and love it.


JBL Bluetooth waterproof speaker $77


Summer Fashion

This super cute wristlet is $34 and is from The FIndery. It comes in tons of fun summer colors.  It can hold your keys, phone and all your essentials.



If you are anything like me, during quarantine you have grown accustomed to not washing, sometimes even brushing, your hair daily so a few cute hats are a must. These are super cute distressed trucker hats with lots of sayings to choose from.  I love several of these such as, “Mom Life” and “I’ll bring the bad decisions.”

You can find these at The Findery and are $28