How I’m Finding My Groove As A Working Mom


Working-mom, stay-at-home-mom, traveling-mom, married-mom, single-mom, they are all hard to figure out! Well, unless it’s not for you, and you have it all together. And if that’s the case, PLEASE show me yours ways. But for those of us who don’t- you’re not alone.

I’ve been at this mom gig for almost 11 years now and I’m still learning. During those years I’ve gone through times of staying at home, working for others, and now being a business owner. And if there is one thing I strongly believe in. It is sharing the wealth of knowledge.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned as I’m finding my groove as a working mother:

Boundaries.  As simple as it sounds, I’m learning it’s so complicated. What I’m learning about myself as a business owner and working mom, is that I’m more of a people pleaser than I thought. It’s hard! I want to make my clients happy and feel better while being able to be at every event for my children and husband, make the best meals, and have a spotless home.

BUT we all the get the same amount of hours in the day. So, figure out what’s most important for you and prioritize yourself and your time. You can’t do it all and you need to learn to be ok with that.

So what I’ve done is learn to say no. No to some invites (even if it sounds fun), no to endless work days, no to instagram perfect pictures of homes, no to the DIY Pinterest dark hole. I’ve learned to say yes to self care days, crockpot meals, sandwiches for dinner, an unperfect house, days off, movie nights, and rest when needed. Because when I do those things, my children and husband benefit as well. I’m much less grumpy and I’m more present. It’s true what they say, how can you pour from an empty cup? Second, is open communication. Wether that be with your spouse, children, clients/colleagues, or all three. I have to let my husband know I need his help. Wether it’s grabbing dinner, picking up kiddos, going to events I can’t, or simply making the coffee in the mornings. I have to let my children know that we won’t always have days full of fun, that mommy has to work. I have to communicate with trusted family members and friends and ask for help.

Nothing will ever be perfect. Sometimes life will throw a curve ball, BUT we can just do the best that we can. We are all trying and that’s what our children will see.