Working Mom Holiday Survival Kit


It’s okay to admit that Holidays can be exhausting for moms. Yes, it’s a wonderful and magical time of year, but there is so much to do. For women who work outside of the home the pressure can be overwhelming to get it all done. I have put together a survival kit for the holidays to help keep us working moms sane to enter into the New Year.

  1. Yes, jeggings. We all want to look cute and fashionable, but the food is flying and something no one can say no to this time of year. Do yourself a favor and have some jeggings on hand to slip into and give yourself some breathing room!
  2. Kleenex with aloe- stock up! It never fails that someone will be under the weather or several people. Having these soft, soothing Kleenex on hand will bring you more joy than you know.
  3. Tape and batteries- these are like the socks in the dryer this time of year. They just disappear without a trace. Having extra will make life so much easier when you need them (especially for toy setup). The last thing we want to do is have to go to the store and fight the crowds, while also having a sad child with you or at home because they NEED to play with their new job that the batteries are NOT included.
  4. Isolated wine glasses. As you get distracted or pulled onto various projects, make sure your wine stays chilled. Plus, it can douple as a coffee cup in the mornings.
  5. Under eye concealer. Between company parties, family and friends coming over or visiting by the handful, traveling, and kid actives, you are going to need a little extra for the potential bags that all the holiday joy may bring!

You got this!!