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I love ya kid, but WHY do you do that?!

I love you kid

Kids. They make me laugh, they make you cry, and they make you want to pull your hair out. They also make you think you’ve met the criteria for a DSM-IV mental health diagnosis, BUT they are yours forever and you keep on loving them – even when they leave you wondering “but why do you do that?”

It’s February, the month of love, so let’s chat about how we love our kids even when they drive us crazy! WHY in fudgesicle sticks (yep, I just said that-verbiage taken from an Instagram Reel) do our kids have weird, wacky, and down right insane behaviors?!?!


    1. Why do you unroll the entire roll of toilet paper AND I still love you.
    2. Why do you pick your boogers and leave them on every piece of furniture possible? I still love you.
    3. Why do you scream for no reason? I still love you.
    4. Why do you throw all your food on the floor? I still love you.
    5. Why do you dump out all the bins of toys and laugh? I still love you.
    6. Why do you intentionally pick on your sibling, just because? I still love you.
    7. Why do you announce your farts? I still love you.
    8. Why do you prefer to be naked all the time? I still love you.
    9. Why do you sit with your hands in your pants? I still love you.
    10. Why do you leave your socks everywhere? I still love you.
    11. Why do you never eat the food you SPECIFICALLY screamed for? I still love you.
    12. Why do you pee on the toilet seat? I still love you.
    13. Why you clean your room by hiding everything in your dresser drawer? I still love you.
    14. Why do you ask for “Mama” more than “Daddy”? I still love you.
    15. Why do you think you’re always right, you mini narcissist? I still love you.
    16. Why do you take off all the clothes off your hangers after they were just put away? I still love you.
    17. Why do you change your mind constantly?
    18. Why do you wait until the last minute to do your homework?
    19. Why do you open kitchen drawers and pull all the cooking utensils out? And last but not least…
    20. Why do I trust myself to trust you to not make the playroom look like a tornado blasted through there?
They always redeem themselves, don’t they? A simple kiss, huge, or the the batting of the eyelashes always suck you right into their trap. Best yet, “I love you mama, you’re the best ever!” always ends up being the master trick so we cave and then we’re right back in the cycle. I love ya kid, but I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how you operate in your world.
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