5 Things I LOVE Right Now


Happy LOVE month!

In a time when nothing seems to be going as planned, and it would be easy to talk about all of those, I wanted to take a moment to look around and really highlight the things that this mom loves right now!

This one doesn’t count, but I really do LOVE hearing the inside scoop on other Mom’s lives. Like, what do your bedtime prayers include? What kinds of things do you outsource? Is there anything to make waking kids up in the morning for school a little easier, and how? What are your go-to dinners and will you please confess to me that sometimes it’s grilled cheese and tomato soup (yes, we did that this week).

#1 This Mom Loves: Mom Friends

I have a tribe of Mom friends and we ask and share these things all the time. I’m so thankful for them, so that’s #1…

#2 This Mom Loves: Our Morning Routines

Since our middle daughter started school last year, my husband has taken on half of the morning responsibilities. He just jumped in and took a few things over. Here’s how we do the morning and I LOVE it. 6ish I wake up and go get my coffee. I sit in the living room and do what I shouldn’t do: check my phone. Why? Because I do. I don’t know. I shouldn’t.

Moms Loves Her Morning Routine

6:30 I head upstairs, wake up my husband and girls. All 3 of them share a room, so I turn on a lamp and start playing music. Our latest fave is Cover Me In Sunshine by Pink. I have to shake them awake, kiss their cheeks, pull off the covers, and just start talking. If I have new information to share, that always helps engage them. They sleep like logs and this part is hard. WHILE I’m doing that, Josh is downstairs making breakfast and their school lunches. Once I get the girls dressed, I send them to him. We basically play “kid volleyball.” When they’re done with breakfast, he sends them back up to me to do their hair and they brush teeth. I send them back down to him to do shoes, snacks, masks, waters, and backpacks. Then I come down, finally in a bra and some kind of clothes, and either walk or drive them to school. So that’s definitely the second thing I love…

#3 This Mom Loves: My Playlist

I’m a jam in the car, bust it out in the kitchen while making dinner kind of girl. I need a beat or some moving lyrics. Part of what makes me or keeps me myself apart from everyone else is what I like. If there are less-than-appropriate words and I don’t want my 5 year old hearing them, one earbud goes in. Luckily though, she likes to dance so we jam together. Sometimes to Encanto or Kids Bop for her, but I love my morning walks and runs just to get away and listen to my tunes. I turn on the Google Dot right before I jump in the shower, too. Have you rediscovered music since becoming a Mom? I didn’t until last year. I was survival Mom for awhile. Y’all…

#4 This Mom Loves: A Creative Outlet

Being creative has given me a significant boost in my well-being. There are so many ways to get creative (scrapbooking, journaling, sketching, writing music or poetry or stories, karaoke on your phone, rearrange your furniture, paint a room, recover your furniture,

Mom Loves A Creative Outlet

escape by reading a book…eh let’s let that one slide in there) but my creative outlet has been decorating and designing people’s houses. Being in the Airbnb business is so fun, I love it. And it’s bumped me into the job of interior designer. It’s a lot of fun to design, plan, create, implement, and see a finished product. I’ve been super thankful for this in my life these last few years…




#5 This Mom Loves: Teachers

There’s someone I can’t thank enough. Several someones. Last year, our middle daughter started Kindergarten and we chose virtual school that first 6 weeks during the pandemic. The mix of the ages, needs, and stages of our girls at that time was overwhelming to me and I cried every day. It gave me a whole new level of appreciation for the amazing humans that do this for 7+ hours a day. I am so thankful for and dearly love…


So now you have a few little snippets into my life and what this mom loves right now. Thanks so much for reading and I now also love you. Enough about me – will you tell me what you’re loving right now? Any similarities?


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Robin was born and raised in Waco, now living one mile from her parents. She randomly met her husband Josh at Common Grounds where he didn’t ask, but told her to go out with him! Bold, man! They have been married over ten years and now raise three adorable daughters, lead a lifegroup together, and are real estate investors. Robin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade, but became a SAHM a few years ago which was her true dream job! She is a dreamer, a lifelong friend if you let her, and a believer in Jesus. She loves mushy cookies, snuggling, encouraging others, and being with family. If you ever need someone there on the best or worst day of your life, that’s where she wants to be.