Waco Moms Blog is Growing: Meet Robin Cohagen


Waco Moms Blog is Growing: Meet Robin Cohagen

Hi, new and long-time friends! I’m Robin, and I am super excited to be here with you! I am a lifelong Wacoan – I was born in the old Hillcrest Hospital, raised in Woodway and Speegleville, and have stayed here save 4 internship months during grad school. Both of my parents were raised in Waco too! We love it here and have seen it go through a LOT of change.

My mom’s Dad was the Baylor band director from the 1940s through the 60s and I grew up having delicious Sunday lunches at their house after church. Mom’s Mother is the reason I have a compulsion to feed my family 7 fruits and vegetables everyday. My dad’s parents lived in Hewitt and I remember either playing outside or watching Price is Right (or Rescue 911) at their house frequently! Mema was always good for a stop by the old Dairy Queen. I miss them all.

I went to Midway schools, attended Baylor for both undergrad and graduate school for Social Work, and worked as a school social worker for 10 years before figuring out how to stay home with my girls, my true dream job.

Josh and I met randomly one evening at Common Grounds on the green velvet couch. There was nowhere else to sit and we introduced ourselves. He never asked me to go out, he never even asked me to be his girlfriend, or to marry him. He literally told me to do them all. Go out with me. Be my girlfriend. Marry me. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t just do what the man said (I mean, in the long run I did…) but I resisted him so long on the front end that he had to work for it. And he did. Lucky for him, I wanted all those things too.

We now have three daughters, 6, 4, and 2 and live one mile down the road from my parents. It’s amazing! On Sunday nights we eat breakfast for dinner, they serve as free babysitters, pet sitters (both ways), and they are comfortable, easy community.

It took us a long time to get pregnant, we’ve suffered the loss of a parent, we’ve endured job loss, a paralyzing injury along with a miraculous surgery, and the growing pains our marriage has survived through the demanding baby years. To stay home, I share my love for nutrition through my home business with Juice Plus+ and two years ago, Josh and I started flipping houses right here in our hometown as Bridge Community Holdings. We are continually figuring out our marriage rhythm, but we hold nothing back, especially apologies, and we (almost) always resolve.

I want to be HERE, with YOU, because being a Mom is fun, and hard, and it totally threatens the delicate ability for men and women to peacefully coexist, but I want to do it alongside you. I love Jesus and spend a lot of time with Him seeking perspective and my role in His great plan. My hope is that we can laugh, cry, and grow in this sacred season together. Love, Robin


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