Robin Cohagen

Robin was born and raised in Waco, now living one mile from her parents. She randomly met her husband Josh at Common Grounds where he didn’t ask, but told her to go out with him! Bold, man! They have been married over ten years and now raise three adorable daughters, lead a lifegroup together, and are real estate investors. Robin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade, but became a SAHM a few years ago which was her true dream job! She is a dreamer, a lifelong friend if you let her, and a believer in Jesus. She loves mushy cookies, snuggling, encouraging others, and being with family. If you ever need someone there on the best or worst day of your life, that’s where she wants to be.
Memorial Day

Honoring (not celebrating) Memorial Day

Are we missing the meaning of Memorial Day? Planning long weekends away, hosting barbecues, using the extra vacation/holiday to get married and take off one less day from work? No? Yes? On one hand, we are...
Mom Loves

5 Things I LOVE Right Now

Happy LOVE month! In a time when nothing seems to be going as planned, and it would be easy to talk about all of those, I wanted to take a moment to look around and...

10 Ways To Have It All When You Have Nothing Left, Mama

Mama, you're amazing. You're doing all the things. You held your family together during a freak winter storm and you've been doing it since Spring Break 2020. You've done it through a myriad of other...

A Mama’s Thoughts on Screen Time

We Mamas have such a Love-Hate relationship with the TV, don’t we? PLEASE watch thirty minutes of Daniel Tiger so I can cook dinner! and also… Please STOP ASKING me to watch the TV because I...

Why I Chose Waco Doula, Our Riotous Stories

Enjoy this special post told by both me and my doula, Micah Burgess of Waco Doula! Me: Black text Micah: Red text If you’re planning to have kids, more kids, even if your births have gone well,...

Motherhood in Times of Crisis

It’s here! I’m an Enneagram 6 and one of those disastrous things my kind fixates on is here! Whew, I can stop worrying about a disease outbreak for a few years and focus back...

Home Activities for Homebound Families

Hey Mamas, We are going to be RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. We will be home with kids begging for food, going stir crazy on rainy days, asking for the zillionth time to go anywhere, and...

Top Ten Favorite Bedtime Books!

When I was the last person in our family, last person of my contemporaries at the time, last person in the world in my mind, to finally get pregnant, I eventually came around to...

Rewriting Nightmares

As a child, I was always dreaming. I had very detailed dreams and exhausted the ears of my family many mornings at breakfast. My Dad always listened, the psychology major, and always offered interpretations....

School Packed Lunch Menu – FREE PRINTABLE!

  Let’s just make this super easy. I meal plan every Sunday and when school starts back up, I have to be absolutely prepared or I am up a creek without a paddle when school...