School Packed Lunch Menu – FREE PRINTABLE!



Let’s just make this super easy. I meal plan every Sunday and when school starts back up, I have to be absolutely prepared or I am up a creek without a paddle when school days approach! This year, I’m switching up my process. Yes, I’ll still plan on the weekend, but I’m going to have a school lunch menu. A list of main dishes, veggies, fruits, and even bonus snacks so that I just mix and match like Cher on Clueless with her wardrobe. And who better to share my menu with than the Wonderful Mothers of Waco, Texas? Yes, you beautiful Mamas are welcome to my list. But just know that there are mornings I surprise my daughter with the gift of buying lunch (because I am allowed days to throw in the towel)! I’ll share a pic of her feelings about that at the end of this post.

A note for you Mamas whose children are in middle and high school: When my sister and I were growing up, our parents offered us $20 a week. We could make our own school lunches and pocket the cash or use the money on school lunch for that week. I packed my lunch every day until we could drive off campus for lunch. At that point we were babysitting or working odd jobs for cash. I will do this same practice with my daughters as it taught me the tangible value of working to save money!

Recipe Links:
Greek pasta salad
penne tomato mozzarella salad

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As promised, here’s our daughter’s reaction to buying school lunch.
At least she’s eating salad.