A Letter to My Daughters’ Future Husbands


A Letter to My Daughters’ Future Husbands

I pray for you daily.

I pray now, for your safety, security, and your path in life. God knows who you are and what lies ahead and I pray that he paves the road and molds you to be a good man. A man that knows how to treat a woman. A man that respects my daughter’s strength, resilience and walks alongside her in life. Her biggest fan and cheerleader in her endeavors and always supportive of her crazy ideas.

I pray you allow her to grow and change, but continue to love her. Marriage is not about loving only the person you marry, but the person they become in life. We are constantly evolving beings, you will NOT be the same person the day you get married, as you are 20 years later. Be ready to change and grow together, to have adventures and enjoy the journey.

I pray that you are a Godly man. Strong in your faith and commitment to my daughter.

I pray for strength for your journey in marriage. A solid foundation on which you can raise children and with solid morals and values that keeps family first.

I pray that you are a good father. Loving, gentle, kind but also able to teach your children respect, responsibility and to work hard.

I pray that I am a good mother in law. That I am able to respect your family, your privacy and your decisions but always be available and for you to feel comfortable seeking advice, comfort or just a break.

I pray that our family grows two-fold, that we become one. We are not losing a daughter, we are gaining a son and his family.

I pray that you see trials and tribulations, but that your faith in God leads your family through because times like those create families that grow closer and come out stronger on the other side.

We have many years before we meet. The girls are only 6 and 8 years old, but I pray daily for you and for their future.

Life is a journey and we are embracing the trip, not casting our eyes to a future yet unseen. But, I do pray for you on your own journey.

Work hard, live well & love them well. The rest will fall into place.