Dear, GREAT Babysitter


To the GREAT babysitters out there:

Thank you. Thank you for being the reason my husband and I get to go on our first date night in months. You see, date nights are few and far between with all the things kids bring to the table. We usually are too tired or too broke to go out on a date after a week of raising 3 kids. Especially after a week of 3 sick kids. Man, the flu is EXPENSIVE. 

But when we find that extra spark and extra cash, we rely on you to actually make it happen. Because without you, great babysitter, we are just 2 adults staring at the clock waiting for bedtime, so we can have some alone time. So thank you for being available, flexible, and willing. 

Do you want to know what I really love about you, great babysitter? You love my kids. I mean really love my kids. You show up with a smile on your face, ready to play. You bring water colors and cookie dough and you are set with the day’s activities and can’t wait to truly play with my kids. And I know this isn’t an act, because they talk about the fun they had with you for days. They ask when you’ll be back and love the way you make them feel. I can tell by their reactions when you walk in the door, that they feel safe and loved when you are here. 

Thank you for being the reason date night is enjoyable. When I don’t have to worry about if my kids are being taken care of, I can truly focus on my husband and our time away. Thank you for putting me at such ease that I don’t keep my phone in my lap in case you need something. You just figure it out, and it has always turned out exactly as I would do it. (But of course it’s always within ear shot.. don’t get too crazy.)

You may just think babysitting is easy money or a great summer gig, but I can promise you that you are making an impact on little lives every time you enter our home. 

So, great babysitter, thank you for being the key to a successful date night. I would pay you all the money in the world, but we just spent it all on dinner, and those kids you love need to go to college. So please accept our small {but we hope generous} payment and know we truly cherish you!!

Love, every mom who has ever had a great babysitter.