Learning To Love Yourself | Removing the Negativity


Learning To Love Yourself | Removing the Negativity

Have you ever just had a really negative day? Not a bad day, but a negative day, where you’re really just doubting yourself and everything you’re trying to achieve or do. Maybe its learning to cook, starting your own business, or just trying to do anything and everything for yourself or for your family? It’s hard to get yourself out of that stage, I feel like once self-doubt or negativity starts to make its way into your thoughts it stays there. It may not ALWAYS be present but it always seems to show itself right at the times when you’re struggling with something.


Lets be honest, we all have these moments. I know I do, not very often, but it still happens. I’m a very NEED IT NOW type of person. If I have my mind on something, on a set goal, I want that goal to be achieved in the next five minutes or else I start to doubt myself, sounds crazy, right? I’ve learned to shut those negative thoughts out as soon as they start to happen. If you don’t learn to do this, negativity and self-doubt will CONSUME you.

We are our own worst enemy, I know I know, sounds cliché but it is the absolute truth. I doubt myself more than anyone else doubts me. That’s why it’s SO important to have a strong support system and most importantly, to love yourself. Sometimes you need help getting out of that negative mode and back on the positivity train before you crash and damage all the work you’ve already worked so hard to accomplish. I know it’s easy to look at how far you have to go when you’re busy focusing on the end result rather than looking at the beginning and how far you’ve come.


Want to know the secret? NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER compare yourself to others. Easier said than done, believe me I understand, this is STILL something WE ALL struggle with. What’s that saying, don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s ending? That is beyond the most cliché’ saying but best advice I can give you or myself.

You can’t constantly compare yourselves to others because you will always be behind them in your eyes. What we don’t realize is the people or business or whoever it may be that we are comparing ourselves to are also comparing themselves to another company or person and that company or person to another. It’s just human nature and a vicious cycle society stays on.

Self Love

Don’t let yourself allow that negativity and self-doubt to ever even enter or rent space in your mind. If you find yourself overwhelmed, feeling down, and being nothing but negative, TAKE A BREAK. Whether that’s a five-minute break, 1 day break or 1 week. TAKE A BREAK, regroup, get back to being positive.

We need to learn to be our own biggest fan instead of enemy, to love ourselves, support ourselves, and believe in ourselves. Who is going to believe and support you if you can’t even believe and support yourself? Self-love is the hardest but most beneficial thing for you, your business, and your family. Once you start loving and believing in yourself, so many things will start to happen and fall into place.