Milo All Day: An Adventure For Your Taste Buds


Milo All Day is a vacation from the norm.  Milo All Day is an adventure for your taste buds. Milo All Day is a new taste in Waco and you must give it a try.

Waco is on a cusp and Milo All Day is one point. One exciting, delicious point.

Unless you have been out of town, or had your head in the sand, you have heard that Milo All Day has opened in Waco. Have you eaten there yet?  Are you curious about this restaurant everyone is a buzz about?

Hopefully, I will answer some of your questions about Milo All Day.

Milo Food Trucks

If you are out and about in Waco, you have heard of Milo Biscuit Company, or Milo food trucks. I say trucks because they have several. They were originally found at the silo’s, but now you can find them at Pinewood, behind Heritage Creamery on South 8th Street, at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and at Mary Avenue Market. (Check their Instagram for exact locations)

Milo is known for the food trucks who serve up creations on melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, that include eggs, sausage, chicken and hamburgers.  All on a family recipe, homemade biscuit.  They do serve up other favorites, not on biscuits, but why?

The owner and chef, Corey McEntyre, is also known for his farm-fresh, locally-sourced, gourmet-ish catering.

Milo All Day is a little bit of the food truck menu with a whole-lotta of the catering menu. It is more on the gourmet-side, or as my husband would call it, “fru-fru” or froufrou. And by this, he doesn’t mean it negatively.

Let the adventure begin.

Walk in with an open-mind. Walk in with your eyes-wide open and your taste buds brave. Because if you are brave, you are in for a treat.

Know you must be a brave eater and one who is willing to try different foods and different combinations. You also may want Google on standby to look up certain ingredients. You will not find ordinary at Milo All Day.  Ordinary is nowhere to be found here.

Don’t go to Milo All Day expecting to get a hamburger and fries. Because you won’t find it. You will find a burger, but it is more of an artisan burger.  More of a work of culinary art. The one and only burger Milo serves is called MAD Burger.  It is the Milo All Day Burger. (Get it?) The 1/3-pound burger is served with redneck cheddar mornay, chimmichurri aioli, and house-made sweet potato chips on the side.  No fries. It is delicious though, no fries and all!

Milo All Day: An Adventure For Your Taste Buds

You will find the menu changes daily.  If your friend eats the most amazing grilled quail one night, you may go the following night and find it is not on the menu. Expect change!

Reservations for dinner are a must. Breakfast and lunch reservations are not needed. You can even go in for breakfast and enjoy the pastry and coffee counter. You can take it to-go or stay and enjoy the free Wi-Fi access.

Milo All Day is closed on Tuesdays.

The décor.

The atmosphere is light and airy. It is today-modern. Your eyes will feast at Milo All Day, as well as your mouth. If you are into the squares of Instagram, this is your spot. Milo All Day is Instagram-able, right down to the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom might be the star of the show here. I recommend a trip in, even if you don’t need to go. Take your phone, take a selfie! You can even take a picture with your date, because the sink area is co-ed.

Open-air dining room, with the large garage doors, will be nice in cooler weather. Probably not during Waco summers, but there will be days for that. The patio is large and comfortable, also.

Many features, like the furniture, plates and ceramic pottery, and wall hangings, in Milo All Day, are from Waco artists and creatives. Names like Cody Benton, from Reckless Ironworks, Clint Harp, and Jonathon Martin from Black Oak Art. You will find wine from David Mayfield and the Wine Shoppe, in Waco.

Bottom line.

If you can’t tell, I love Milo All Day and highly recommend a trip here, so your taste buds can be wow’d. Go knowing you will be there for a bit, after all, adventures take a while. Like all new businesses and restaurants, it takes a bit to get the kinks out.

Enjoy Milo All Day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy your flavor adventure!

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