Molly’s Mexican Restaurant


I can still remember the first time that I was invited to Molly’s. I was about 8 weeks pregnant with our first born and had the biggest craving for a burrito and chips and salsa. A friend assured me they were the best; and I can say, they are! Walking in automatically reminded me of my abuelo (grandfather). He was sick at the time and living in his last days and four hours away, but being at Molly’s made him feel closer to me.

When growing up he would cook us breakfast, eggs and beans with fresh homemade chili and tortillas. And always (yes even as a very small child) with a cup of coffee. We would sit together, sometimes in silence and sometimes laughing uncontrollably. As I grew up, we sadly moved away from him and breakfast was never the same. He passed away before he could meet my first born, my heart was broken. If eating at a family restaurant could help my heart, even just a little, then count me in!

That first taste of homemade chili and tortillas took me back to being a little girl, comiendo con mi abuelito. Let’s just say, we went weekly during that pregnancy and got to know them very well! 12 years later, we still eat with them on a very regular basis. You know how regular? We call in our order and they don’t ask us our name, they already know it’s us. That’s either because they are committed to getting to know their customers, or we eat out to many times; I’ll go with the first. I will go with that because they are truly some of the sweetest people we’ve ever meet. You walk in, and someone yells hello! When people truly care and have great food, you can’t help but love them.

As I was thinking how to honor Molly, I thought of her daughter. So I’ll use her own words to describe her mom.

“My mom loves people, loves God, and loves to serve. 

She’s passionate about her business because she values her customers. Her name is Amalia Villalovos also known as Molly.

Her purpose behind her opening this business was to provide a better opportunity for her family. She always had a passion to cook but knew working for someone else would be much harder to provide a college education for her children. She opened Molly’s Mexican Restaurant in February of 1997, with the help and support of her husband.

Her favorite part of her business is being able to cook and bring people together, whether for lunch or for families meeting at Molly’s for breakfast.

Molly sees herself as someone who can use her business to help others, not only through food but by being able to give back to the community that has supported her business. She loves being able to support local churches, schools, and little league teams.

Her favorite thing to do when not cooking at work, is cooking at home with her family. She enjoys having all her children & grandchildren gather around the kitchen table for good food and fellowship.

She is fierce with ambition, humility, and God’s grace. She has taught to me to work hard, push through adversity, and always keep Faith in knowing that God is with you in all that you do when seeking His guidance. 

I am a proud daughter of an Immigrant mother who came to the US with hopes of a better future. Glad, she braved the journey because now she’s a proud US citizen and established business owner in our community.”

Go by and say hello, eat amazing food, by an amazing lady and her staff.  And while doing so, you help support a POC business owner, a dream, y familias.

::Molly’s Mexican Restaurant 3211 Bellmead Dr Waco, TX::