A 30-Something Mom’s Best Friends | Navigating Thirty


A 30-Something Mom’s Best Friends | Navigating Thirty

I never thought I would care about turning 30. Age is just a number, right? But as I’ve lived a couple years in my 30’s I’ve realized things just aren’t the same. Mainly things on my body.. it’s like gravity just decided to wake up and pull down my thighs, stomach, butt cheeks, and chins. And I’m pretty sure it’s gravity (or I guess it could be the 3 kids) that also leave my back aching some nights.

Whatever the reason, being a 30-something mom has led me to realize the things I truly value in life. 

  1. A good pillow and comfy mattress – birthing and nursing babies, holding toddlers, playing on the floor, and constant picking up and down sure aren’t easy on a body, so it sure is nice to lay down on a comfortable pillow and mattress.. even if you eventually end up with toddler feet in your back around 2am.
  2. Tight workout pants – like I said, gravity. I can’t wear cheap workout pants anymore because things look even saggier than they actually are if my tights aren’t tight. There is something to be said for LuluLemon pants made to hold your thighs and butt up high. At 30, holding them “high” means just getting them back in to place after 3 kids. They are like a push-up bra for your butt and Spanx for your thighs and muffin top all in 1. 
  3. A Crossbody or wristlet – when you carry a diaper bag, you don’t need a big purse. But, you do need a solid little cross body or wristlet to throw in the diaper bag. You know, so you can fill it full of your credit cards and other junk you’ll never use, but it’s more “organized” than the rest of your diaper bag.
  4. A favorite non-alcoholic beverage – when you are having a crazy day (for my family it’s usually Wednesdays.. all things go crazy on Wednesday), having something to open and sip sometimes helps you pretend you aren’t in the middle of chaos. Since it is looked down upon to drink at 10am while home alone with children, it’s best to make this drink non-alcoholic.. no need to get the cops called on you while you’re just trying to stay sane.
  5. Cash Stash – sometimes it can feel like we as moms are spending alll the money. We buy everything from groceries to kids clothes, sports gear to hair cuts. The money just keeps disappearing and I’ll be honest, it’s usually not on stuff I want to buy, but HAVE to buy. So, I like to keep a cash stash to spend on Sonic Drinks or secret Honey Buns when I get a minute alone. I’m basically reverting back to a 5 year old, secretly downing as much sugar as possible when daddy isn’t looking. Don’t get me wrong, my husband could care less if I drink Diet Dr. Pepper and eat Honey Buns.. but sometimes doing it in secret is the most excitement I get in a month. So, I like to live on the wild side and buy my secret treats with my cash stash and just really see how crazy I can get. 

I’m sure there are many more new best friends, but I’m tired. So I guess #6 could be sleep.. can sleep be a best friend? If so, I want it to be in my circle of friends. Please. Please hang out with me, sleep. 

What new best friends have you made since becoming a 30-something mom?