Please Be Kind – From the Special Needs Mom


When you see my child…
You see a tantrum
You see a spoiled kid
You see backtalking
You see soft parenting
You see discipline-needing-to-happen

When I see you…
I see staring eyes
I see a judgemental gaze
I see Worst Parent of the Year stuck to my head
I see the incovenience and annoyance
I see “I would never …”
I see the whispers

When you see me and my child…
see the fear in their eyes
see the anxiety casting a shadow over their face
see the tentacles of worry wrapping through their brain
see the adrenaline cutting off their logic
see the overwhelming emotions they don’t understand

please realize they are battling their own body to function.
please consider that discipline doesn’t work against chemical complexities.
please understand that I’m trying to save them from spiraling.
please know we want it to be different, but it’s not.
please be aware that we’re having a hard day.
please say a prayer and offer some grace.
please be kind.