Prepping Your Beach + Swim Bag


My kids have been counting down the days until the water park opens. That means Mom here is wrapping her head around all the things I need to set us up for success in the Texas sun. It’s a great time to pull out your beach or pool bag, shake out any sand from last summer and get to work!

Here are my must haves for a bag that is always ready to play near water:

1) Sunscreen — sunscreen does expire, so make sure to check the bottle and get new ones before you plan your first outing.

2) Hats — baby hats or enough for everyone, you know which kids will keep them on their head or which need them the most…so pack them now!

3) Sunglasses & Goggles — keep them in the bag! My kids like to take them out, wear them in the car and then lose them. I learned a few summers ago that won’t fly for me. They don’t come out of the bag until we arrive and they go back in the bag when they’re not being used.

4) Swim Diapers, Regular Diapers & Wipes — If you have little ones, load up the bag with the diaper sizes you need and lots of wipes. Don’t take those out unless you use them. When some are used, restock that same day and even load up the car with extra for the summer.

5) Snacks — you know you need ones that will be alive at random times of desperation, so throw some in that will never go bad.

Swim Bag
Swim Bag

6) Water — Keep a few extra plastic bottles in there. They come in handy for drinking, hand washing or even an emergency pee bottle for boys.

7) Towels – These don’t actually fit into our bag, so I suggest keeping swim towels in the car and reloading once they’re washed…and/or leave extras that you won’t wash since they get trashed anyways.

8) Swimsuits – These stay in the bag as well. When I pull out the swim bag to leave that day, the kids all get dressed and once suits are washed, they go right back into the bag.

9) Toys – Depending on if you’re heading to the beach or pool, we keep a few tiny torpedoes in the bag at all times for entertainment.

10) Plastic & Ziploc Bags — There will always be something wet and dirty after a day at the beach or pool. Grocery bags make the perfect pick up for trash, poopy diapers or wet swimsuits. Ziploc bags come in handy for half-eaten snacks or stuff that needs to be waterproofed (keys, cash, etc).

I hope this list is helpful! This summer you will find me super pregnant with 8 kids at Hawaiian Falls at least three times a week. They are excited and the more organized I get, the more I am too. Prep your bag and I can’t wait to meet you by the pool!

With Love,

Johnna King

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Johnna King moved to Waco in January of 2017. She met her husband in college and after 9 years in the Marine Corps, they prayed for place to settle down and raise their family. She is the Domestic Engineer of Team King which currently consists of eight littles. Her oldest is 11, then 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 & 16 months . She is due with their 9th in the summer of 2022. Motherhood is one of Johnna's many passions. She equally enjoys growing in obedience to Jesus, homeschooling the kids, running/weight lifting, photography, interior design, holistic living and writing. There is usually a half-read book on her nightstand. She runs their family blog You can always find Johnna looking for new places to eat, planning a date night or taking another picture.