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Reading Recommendations

Rosier’s Reading Recommendations from a Bookworm Mom

Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center


Happy summer, Waco mammas! Summertime is in full-swing, and with temps surpassing 100 degrees, this Waco summer is proving to be hot, hot, HOT! With the scorching heat in mind, I decided that Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center would be a fitting selection for Texas summer reading. 

Author Katherine Center has brought us multiple enjoyable works, including How to Walk Away (SO good, and in a fun touch, the main character of How to Walk Away makes a quick cameo in Things You Save in a Fire!) as well as two novels that have been adapted into Netflix films: The Lost Husband and Happiness for Beginners. I am a fan of this author and am excited to read more of her work!

Things You Save in a Fire is a charming summer read – a wholesome narrative centered around the complexities of relationships, comradery, forgiveness, and ultimately, love. This one is an entertaining and an easy read without being too fluffy or predictable. 

Our protagonist, Cassie Hanwell is a highly skilled, intelligent, and humble yet feisty firefighter living in Austin, Texas. Cassie is at the height of her career and set to receive a prestigious award for her heroic service to the community that she loves (and for an act that would definitely land her on KWTX’s “Tell Me Something Good” segment with Julie Hays).  Sidenote: If Cassie lived here in Waco, I like to believe we would be friends. Just sayin’.

Due an unexpected turn of events at work and the simultaneous news that Cassie’s mother has fallen ill, our hero is forced to resign from her position in Austin and move cross-country to Boston, where she is to join the ranks of the Boston Fire Department and help take care of her ailing (and did I mention estranged?! Eek!) mother. 

Cassie is in a tough spot. Not only is she navigating the complexities of her relationship with her mother, but things at work are not exactly ideal. The traditional, old-school/bro-centric work-environment of Cassie’s new station in Boston could not be further from her experience in the more progressive atmosphere of her beloved Austin FD. To make matters worse, a lack of public funding means that there is only one spot available for a permanent position on her new station’s team. Our girl Cassie must compete for said position with the new rookie, who just happens to be the son of a beloved Boston hero, and you guessed it… hot, hot, HOT. 

I highly recommend Things You Save in a Fire. Shout out to my sister-in-law @SRobynMorton who also loves and recommends this book. It is a wholesome, heartfelt story that will leave you with a smile…and just maybe finding a little extra forgiveness in your heart.

Considering the subject matter of this novel, I would remiss not to note that my family’s home was lost to a house fire when I was a young teen. My family that lived in the home at the time – my mom, two brothers, the family dog, and I – escaped the fire at around 2:00 AM one extremely cold February night. It was a very traumatic experience, and I will be forever grateful to the Alvarado Volunteer Fire Department and pretty much the entire town of Alvarado, Texas. The people of Alvarado selflessly lifted our family up, surrounding us with everything we needed to get through the difficult time: love, support, food, clothing, shelter, and even funding to help rebuild our home. In a time when we felt lost and were left with nothing but each other, the kindness of our town rescued us. 

When I reflect on that time, it is not the loss of our home and all our possessions that I focus on – Don’t get me wrong, it was awful and I would not wish it on anyone – Rather, the over-arching theme that has always stuck with me is how blessed my family was during that time. The blessings of love and support that we received from our family and friends is truly overwhelming, even to this day. The take-away is: Material things really don’t matter. Sure, today I still enjoy my (probably excessive) shoe collection, but in the end, the most important things in life are our faith, our families, and the love that we share with one another. Be kind to one another, y’all. Help those in need. In a time of so much darkness, let’s be the light.

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Fab Five: Beach Reads Edition!

  1. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren  – Set in Hawaii, this one is a perfect beach read! At the beginning, the book seems like it will be a bit predictable, but then has a twist that sets it apart.  Warning – there are a couple of somewhat spicy love scenes, and a few curse words sprinkled in. Nothing too offensive but wanted to give fair warning! Shout out to @RandiSelf for the rec!
  2. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas – This one was recommended to me by my friend @KristenChaney. Such a fun read with the perfect amount of humor and mindless entertainment (warning: it also adds a dash of love scenes!), making it the perfect companion for your summer vacation.
  3. Here’s to Us by Elin Hildebrand – You all knew I had to include a book by my fave, Elin didn’t you?! The unofficial queen of beach reads delivers big with this one. It is the perfect blend of humor and alllll the drama that can only the result from not one, not two, but THREE women who were each at one time married to the same man. All three dynamic women are now stuck under the same roof of their former love’s Nantucket beach house. These women could not be more different, and Hildebrand keeps you both intrigued and entertained with her easy and unique style. Perfect beach read. 
  4. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriety – This author brought us fan faves such as Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret. In What Alice Forgot, Alice gets amnesia and pieces her life back together in unexpected ways. If you are a fan of Moriety’s work, you HAVE to read this one!
  5. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens – If you haven’t yet read this one, you need to. It is currently being made into a movie, y’all! While not quite as fluffy as the above beach reads, it is a must read. A little slow to start, but quickly picks up momentum and you soon won’t be able to put it down. An excellent recommendation by @JanaMorton.


About Me: Hello Waco mammas! My name is April Rosier, and I am excited to be providing this quarter’s book review and reading recommendations for Waco Moms

Reading RosierMy family and I moved to Waco in May of 2015, and we are proud to call this city we love our home. My husband and I have been married for 13 years, and we are the proud parents of two extremely active girls, ages 6 and 9. In addition to being a mom of two, I also work full-time as the Branch Business Development Manager of the Wood Group of Fairway Independent Mortgage Company’s branch here in Waco.

I love spending time with family and friends, staying active, and you guessed it, reading or listening to Audible in any spare time I can seem to find. I have been a self-proclaimed book worm since my mom gave me my first Nancy Drewnovel at age 8. Since then, my love for literature has had me reading any genre I can get my hands on … you name it, I will read it! I promise to do my best to post about books in a variety of genres, in hopes of sharing novels that many of you readers will love!