How I Simplified My Life as a Mom


As moms, we have experienced some of the most stressful and chaotic situations imaginable. Even on the best day, I would classify my life as an “organized chaos.” We are excellent multi-taskers, housekeepers, owie-fixers, and so much more; but it can be completely overwhelming at times. This year I resolved to simplify my life, in an effort to reduce the chaos (and the inevitable stress that comes with it).

These are the things that I have found to be most helpful in my simplifying efforts, and how they can make a difference:

  1. Two words: Capsule Wardrobe. I cannot recommend this enough. If you have spent hours of your life sifting through your closet like me, this could really be a game changer. The idea is that you remove most of the items from your closet, leaving only the high quality/versatile pieces that you can style together in multiple ways. If you don’t absolutely love a clothing item, don’t keep it. If you haven’t worn that dress for two years, don’t keep it. You will be amazed by how much you don’t miss them!
  2. Thin down the toys. I have spent more time picking up toys in my lifetime than I ever thought was possible, and I have only been a mom for a few years. I was SO tired of picking up toys recently, so I decided to donate most of them, and put most of the rest (legos, play food, block sets, etc.) in the closet. Studies have shown that children play longer and more creatively when they have LESS toys, so don’t feel guilty! It’s actually in their best interest, as it allows them to use their imagination and creative thinking skills. Now when we bring out the legos the kids have the time of their lives playing with them, when before they would’ve moved on after a minute or two. And I spend significantly less time cleaning up toys, which is a HUGE bonus in my book!
  3. Make a meal plan. Know what you’re making before you go shopping, and buy your groceries based around your meal plan. This reduces food waste, and improves your eating habits. It’s a lot easier to avoid buying fast food if you know exactly what you plan to make for dinner, and you know you have the necessary materials. This will save you money, reduce stress, and improve your eating habits. It’s a win – win – win!
  4. Look up the Marie Kondo Method. For someone like me, this method isn’t something I can do to the full extent, but the basic idea is that if you don’t love or truly need something, don’t keep it. (It’s kind of like a capsule wardrobe for your entire house!) Basically, try a round of decluttering. We decluttered from the attic to the front door – everything. My house feels more organized, and automatically my mood has improved.

The list could go on and on, but so far these are the things that have had the most observable results.

Please let us know what you would add to the list, and good luck mamas!