Bed Time


I kiss their cheeks and hold them tight,

That’s what we do every night.

We rock and sing in hopes of rest,

This day has surely been a test.


Crying, messes, food in my hair,

I might still be wearing maternity underwear.

I haven’t washed my hair in day’s

I think I might be beginning to age.


I dream of bed where I peacefully lay,

And wish I could for once sleep past eight (8:00).

Maybe in a few years I’ll find,

A solace place I’ll call mine.

Because they are little for a short time,

And I have been blessed with these children of mine.


In a few hours when they wake,

I’ll be up again before morning breaks.

And start this process all over again,

It’s was what we do even at our wits end.

And when I’ve got nothing left,

I will give more, and I will give them my best.


For now I’ll rock and sing these songs,

So they’ll remember and know how to sing along.

When they are older I will look back,

At when they were tiny and sat on my lap.

When we sang songs and rocked every night,

And someday when I tuck them in tight,

They will say remember when,

You sang me that song…

Let’s sing it again.

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Sarah lives in Waco with her husband, Mark, and their three children Seth (11), Hannah Grace (9), and Adalee (6). Sarah and Mark just celebrated 16 years of marriage. Sarah grew up in Coppell, Texas (a Dallas suburb), and graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Marketing in 2000. Sarah started her career in Sales, Marketing, and Advertising, and spent five years in corporate business. She then chose to stay home when her first two children were born. In 2009, Sarah took on the balancing act of being a business owner while maintaining the role of “stay at home” mom. Sarah found the many aspects of creating and implementing business strategies very fulfilling, and loved working in the beauty and skincare industry. After seven years of juggling these roles, she sold the business and has enjoyed taking time over the last year to write and prepare for the next stage of her “crazy life” Sarah was born with a passion for music, and has been leading praise and worship in different capacities since she was thirteen. Sarah and her family are members of First Baptist Church Woodway, where she is on the praise team, and has the blessing to serve in different areas of ministry. Over the years, she has been gifted with opportunities to create music, and to work with organizations such as the American Family Radio and Gospel Music Association, while releasing original music an independent artist within the Christian Contemporary genre Over the years, Sarah has loved getting to know the women of Waco by being involved in organizations such as Junior League, and MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). These experiences, along with being a mom, have given her a heart to encourage and relate to other women. Over the past two years, Sarah has felt led to begin to share some of her own experiences as a woman and mom to help minister and to encourage others. She recently started a personal blog, which is still in the process of completion. Sarah is currently writing a series on dealing with crisis from a spiritual perspective, which is based on her own personal experience. Her goal with this project is to help others find hope in hardship. Sarah is beyond excited about being able to share, and to be a part of Waco Mom’s Blog. The last sixteen years have been an adventure! Eleven of those years have been spent living in Waco. Sarah and Mark moved away from Waco twice to live in Austin and Miami, and moved back both times for business opportunities. They are grateful to have laid down roots that have grown deep within the heartbeat of the city. They are thankful for their community, and dear friends they get to live life with. Sarah is beyond blessed to call Waco home.