The Beautiful In Between


The Beautiful In Between

Scrolling through instagram one day, there was a quote that stopped me in my tracks, “Even in her waiting, she is learning how to see: all of the time in between is teaching her beautiful and meaningful things.” I loved it. I reposted it. It stayed in the back of my mind all day long. And I realized. . .

In every season of life, it is so easy to wait. To look forward, and daydream.

Waiting for the day I will graduate with a bachelor’s.

Waiting for the weekend.

Waiting for it to be cold/hot/snowy/beach weather.

Waiting for the next big holiday.

Waiting for date night to spend quality time with my husband.

Waiting to have the baby (last couple months of pregnancy, anyone??)

But in between all these big moments, THAT’S where life happens.

Dive in to the messy, ordinary moments and live with your whole heart. Love the season that you are in. We all know it goes by too fast, so why not run through this life with a huge smile on your face?

I know that you’ve probably heard all this before. You might be inspired for a few months, few days or few hours to be more intentional. But I am challenging you, right now, whoever you are, to decide you will stop waiting. There is no better time than now.

What does this look like practically? The first change I had to make in my “waiting” was less screen time. I downloaded an app on my phone to track my progress, and it is HARD to not mindlessly check social media (again) in moments that I’m feeling bored. But I have already noticed that I feel better when I use down time to bake a surprise treat for my kiddos, or go fold that pile of laundry that I’ve been ignoring. If I treat every moment like it matters, I run my life instead of letting my life run me.

Now, think about it. REALLY think about it. What are you waiting for? How could you intentionally appreciate all the wonderful things about the “in between” instead?

You’ve got this, mama. Accept where you are and what you are doing right now; it’s beautiful.