The Days Are Long, but the Years, They Fly


The Days Are Long, but the Years, They Fly

The days are long, but the years, they fly. Words that ring so deeply into us as mothers. We often look towards the future telling ourselves, “It’ll be easier when,” or “I can’t wait until they…”  Just fill in the blank. Often times, being so hyper focused on what’s to come can leave us burnt out, touched out, less motivated, less creative, angry, and less… present

Motherhood days can feel like the clock is broken and there’s no one coming to the rescue. You may even wish moments away. More “me time” or babies that sleep through the night. Then one day, your babies will stop coming to you for comfort, and will have all the time in the world and you’ll wonder, what happened?

Be mindful of the season you are in and what it is teaching you. Let things be. Your children will not remember a dirty home or dishes piled in the sink. No, they will remember being well loved. They will remember a mom who made time to be silly and build forts, rather than a mom who was busy day dreaming. If this season is teaching you to slow down, then do it. Cancel playdates, cross out projects, learn that it’s ok to say “no.” If it’s teaching you that your children are lacking structure, build a solid plan for your days and sprinkle in grace along the way. Whatever it is, seasons are meant to grow us, not stifle us. 

Stop trying to put your expectations of the future on your current circumstances. You will burn yourself out in the process. Let go of what the future may hold, because this side of heaven, no one knows. Just sit and be. Listen to your baby breathing, smell the top of his head, take in the stillness of their peaceful sleep. Whatever season you are in will come and go and there will be a constant ebb and flow. No day will be the same and once it seems to settle, there will be a shift. So have grace on yourself, mama, every season has it’s own set of difficulties!

Now I’m not saying don’t be excited about things to come. Not at all! I think it’s so great to plan family vacations that involve older kiddos. Or family activities that you will finally be able to take without tears and tantrums. That’s not what I’m getting at here. What I am saying is, when all you can do is think about is the then rather than the now…you’ve lost all focus.

No one knows when the last time will be the last time. So even if you don’t love the season you’re in. Be present. Realize that the tough you’re in now is shaping and molding not only you, but that person you have been entrusted with. Because the days are long, but the years, they fly.