To My Fellow Night Owl Mamas


To My Fellow Night Owl Mamas

Before heading into Clay Pot with our big kids.

I’m a Night Owl too. I’m writing this at 2am. It is what it is and I think, for me, it’s working (most of the time).

My days are filled with little ones and big kids- I love it. This season is packed to the brim with toddler antics and big kid developments. We’ve got extracurricular fun and family nights. The hours that hold daylight are ones I treasure, but can I let you in on a not-so-secret? It’s the hours after every child’s head hits the pillow that I look forward to all day.

Will all the Night Owl Mamas please stand up! Ha! I know I’m not the only one.

Checking on these boys after snack time.

I’ve always been the most productive and clear-headed at night. Those quiet hours when the house is settling and all my ducklings are sleeping and accounted for? That’s when I can turn off the go-go-go of the day and process, plan, and find the kind of still peace that just doesn’t exist with little bodies moving from here to there every minute of their waking hours.

There are nights that I get a lot of tidying up done, or tackle projects that aren’t toddler-friendly, but there are other nights I scroll through social media or catch up on Grey’s. I don’t have a recipe for what I do in those precious hours, just a need to have some time alone and the freedom to choose what I do with it.

Some one-on-one time with our Rose.

I’ve tried taking time during the day to recharge, but my mind is constantly reaching out trying to figure out who needs what, or what surface needs cleaning, or which phone calls/emails need to be returned first. Resting during nap time isn’t a skill I’ve mastered. Rising before my littles is laughable at this point. My body doesn’t seem to be made to function coherently before the sun. I’ve envied those mamas that can get to bed early and take time in the morning for themselves. It doesn’t work for me. I wish it did. I think we share a commonality though- the need to be alone and the willingness to sacrifice sleep for time.

So, my fellow Night Owl Mama’s- I see you. I see you giving your all to your babies, to your job, to your marriage, to your friendships. And I know the ache of wanting to shed the needs of others for a few blessed hours and savor the feeling of being you. Just you, without your titles (as grateful as you are to have them) so that you can write a few chapters of the story of you.

Who you are matters.

Going to get lost in Hobby Lobby with my toddlers.

My encouragement to you, my Late Night Wonder Women, would be that you decide to stay up. As in- making a conscious decision to take time in the evening for you rather that it becoming something that just happens. Don’t feel guilty about it, self-care is family care. There have been times when I’m up at 3am, but it’s my to-do lists that have hijacked brain, or my anxious mind that’s run away with my time alone. The next day I tend to feel more depleted and that’s not helpful to anyone.

My hope for you is that if you’re going to be up, you’re diving into your favorite book, or organizing (if that makes you happy), or soaking your weary bones with the fizziest of bath bombs. I hope you use your time to do whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. It’s you that makes their world go round, so don’t lose yourself. Press into what you need to be your best this season. And shoot me a message if you’re up late! I will be too.