To The Men Who Picked Up The Pieces


Let’s be honest, so many of us get in our feelings when we hear Kelly Clarkson’s song, Piece by Piece… WE TOTALLY LOSE IT.

How is it possible that as wives, momma’s, accomplished business women, strong stay at home moms, or wherever we are currently in life; being fatherless still hurts?  Not because it was their time to go, but because they chose it was time to go.  

When I married my husband I didn’t know what to expect. I’m sure many of you who grew up without a father can agree that we are curious what it will be like to watch our husbands father our children. And what I learned was something so beautiful that it broke my heart even deeper to know what exactly I had missed out on. The chasing around the house, the laughter, the pride in his eyes when they do something amazing (like finish their entire plate of food), the tears in his eyes when he just quietly watches them sleep, and the overwhelming desire to raise strong yet gentle humans.

I missed out on that, a lot of us did. But, you know what?!  It makes me that much more appreciative. It makes me push harder as a momma. And if you’re a single mom I know you feel that last statement in your bones. It literally makes my heart summersault in complete mushy butterfly flutters to see what a father is supposed to be through watching my husband. We may have missed out on the memories with our father but what a victory to break the generational chains and revel in the fact that our husbands picked up the pieces, piece by piece.

For so many years I lived afraid of men breaking my heart. Until I met a man who showed me that fathers can be great and that husbands can be too. So this Father’s Day don’t focus on the things that hurt the most. Focus on the things that make you smile the biggest. Like your husbands wrestling with the kids right before bed time when you’re trying to get them to settle down. Or when they use your favorite pillows for pillow fights. Or maybe the times he has them yelling so loud you can hardly hear yourself think. Revel in those squealing laughing moments; because before you know it you will be looking at pictures of “remember when”.  

To ALL of the Father’s out there; Happy Father’s Day. The ones no longer with us, the ones with regret, the ones who do it right, and the ones still hoping to be.