Top 4 Kid Movies


Top 4 Kid Movies

Let’s be honest, mom life means you start to love Disney and animated movies more than adult movies. I catch myself singing along to Moana and Trolls more often than I’d like to admit (even my husband admits to singing Moana at work).

There are SO MANY kid friendly movies out there! Let’s talk about my 4 favorites, I mean my toddlers 4 favorites.

  1. Moana. You had to know this would be the favorite and top since I mentioned it above right?! Not only is the sound track catchy and will have you singing along all day(along with your child of course) it is also a good kid friendly movie that teaches about working together, offers positive messages and shows Moana going through her process of self-discovery. Moana goes and sails the ocean leaving the safety and security of her village to save her people from the big curse.
  2. Trolls. Another great movie with a great sound track. Trolls teaches life lessons about having inner happiness, not giving up and just being proud of who you are. My favorite thing is the movie shows that happiness is around everywhere, you just have to have a positive outlook and realize that and you’ll be happy. It’s about a happy troll named Princess poppy who joins up with another grumpy troll, Branch, to save her friends from the grumpy Bergen’s who believe happiness only comes from eating a troll. *SPOILER* They later learn that happiness is all around them and doesn’t come from eating happy trolls.
  3. Toy Story. Taking it back to 1995 with this one, all you 90’s moms obviously love this one! First feature-length computer animated film to hit theatre’s (making me feel old here). Toy Story teaches a lot about working together to reach a common goal, loyalty and will be helpful if you have some kiddo’s going through some sibling rivalry! Toy Story is about a cowboy doll (Woody) who is his owners (Andy) favorite toy. Woody starts to feel threatened when Andy buys a new space toy (Buzz) and starts to play with him a little more than Woody. When Andy and his family move, Buzz and Woody have to work together to escape Andy’s mean neighbor Sid.
  4. The Secret Life of Pets. Fun movie about what our animals do while we’re gone! Which according to this movie, is a lot of mischievous things! Max a terroir is used to living the spoiled life in NYC when his owner adopts Duke, a giant dog. They find their selves in trouble during a walk with the dog walker that has them ending up in a truck bound for the pound. A bunny named Snowball saves them in exchange for Max and Duke joining his gang, on a mission to get back on owners who have done them wrong.

Now keep in mind, some of these movies aren’t necessarily for all ages, depending on what you feel as a parent! All worth watching and have great life lessons behind them! All of these are Netflix as well except for Toy Story! But don’t fret, I got it on Amazon for $12.99(steal).

Enjoy guys!