Can you travel with kids during a pandemic?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year of wrangling the repercussions of COVID-19. Along with health care workers, I feel like parents are some of the most impacted. We are cooped up with the kiddos, scrounging for new activities to keep the littles occupied, and, quite frankly, ready for a change of scenery. So that leaves us wondering, can I travel with my kids during this pandemic?

The short answer? Absolutely! But with coronavirus being so prevalent in the world so much more planning and preparation has to go into a vacation. To help you decide if a trip away from home is right for your family right now, I put together a few thoughts and tips to consider. Consider this advice for what to think about and how to wisely choose a location for your family getaway.

The first major decision is to think about whether or not you want to drive or fly. Are you interested in international travel that requires a flight? Or do you want to explore the good ole U.S. of A.? Are you comfortable with being close to people on a plane? Will your little ones keep a mask on for flights? Are you comfortable with exposure in multiple stops across the country while driving? There are many aspects to consider in method of transportation these days.

Other options to consider are more kid-friendly options. Think about what you want to achieve for the vacation. Do you want the opportunity to bond with just your family unit or do you want options for exploration and fun suitable for each family member? Does time alone for mom & dad while the kiddos spend time at a kid’s club intrigue you? Or perhaps a theme park that is practicing proper COVID protocols? Personally, I’d love a resort stay with a secluded suite with a private pool for just us!

Another great option is choosing a destination that offers opportunities for lots of outdoor exploring. This past summer the four of us, my husband, our then two-year-old boy/girl twins, and I went on a road trip across 5 states to multiple National Parks. We so enjoyed all of the options for exploring outside, experiencing nature and wildlife, and the social distancing that the outdoors offer. Add in that exploring nature is great no matter the season, and you have a winner.

Along with where, when, and how, during these unprecedented times, it is of upmost importance to pay close attention to hotels/attractions cleanliness, masking, and social distancing protocols. Look for hotels that space out guests and have up leveled their cleaning processes. Most hotels/resorts have their protocols listed on their website’s homepage. It is also important to note mask and social distancing requirements in hotels, attractions, and other places you may visit. On social distancing, for example, Walt Disney World is limiting occupancy, requiring park reservations, and updated what is available to avoid the gathering of crowds. For masks, you can pretty much guarantee that any indoor location will require masks, but some spots also require them in public outdoor spaces.

At the end of the day, you have to use your own judgement and plan at your comfort level while taking into consideration those you may be around when you return. Plan a trip that you’ll feel comfortable with, consider taking a COVID-19 test 3-5 days after your return, and use your best social distancing and sanitizing practices.

Traveling during a pandemic is possible, but, as you now know, planning a vacation during a pandemic takes methodical thought and planning. The good news is Dana Travel is here to help!

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