The Ultimate Summer Hygge – In Texas


The Ultimate Summer Hygge – In Texas

I know what your saying, ” I’m sorry, Hygge what? Is that English?”

In fact no. Hygge is a Norweigian or Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfort imbibing feelings of wellness and contentment. It is essentially the concept of simplicity and peacefulness; however, it is most often associated with the winter months. Think big fluffy sweaters, thick socks, warm hot chocolate, dinner by candlelight,  cozy blankets and a warm crackling fire. Ways one might warm up and soften the prison your home can feel like its becoming in the long winter months.

Hygge is not a concept to be reserved solely for the colder seasons though. Its core values can be translated into the warm sunshine of the summer months as well. What are the things we could potentially change or invite into our homes to transition to a world of increased simplicity and coziness. I can imagine there is not one mom out there right now thinking, ” I don’t NEED more coziness or simplicity in my life!”  Its something, in this day and age, I feel that we all CRAVE.

Hygge is a concept of slowing down, being present and mindful in your current situation.


Watermelon on the patio, popsicles by the pool. Watching lightening bugs, or an exhilarating lightening storm. Hosting a casual patio dinner with patio lights and s’mores. Bar-B-Que. Hosting a casual game night with friends, or family. Drinking crisp, cold white wine or Rose- preferably  outside.  Counting stars laying on the trampoline. Going for a walk. Swimming at night. Eating expensive ice cream. Two words- hammock chair. Books. Roadtrips. Eat fruit- lots of fresh fruit. Fresh squeezed lemonade. Pick or buy fresh flowers for your house. Check out your local farmers market for fresh veggies and produce in season. Blow bubbles. Start a nature table. Dip your toes in the water.  

You will notice a lot of these activities are outdoors and lets be honest y’all, it’s freaking HOT in Texas. It is ESSENTIAL to find a good shade tree, a covered patio or a body of water and invest in a nice fan, but it is SO worth it to get out and be present. Kick off those shoes, enjoy comfy outdoor seating and dining spaces. Again, it’s Texas y’all, so we are looking at 5-6 months of increased daylight and warm sunshine unlike our northern counterparts. Get off your phones (aside from checking and reading our most recent WMB articles) and get OUTSIDE.

Heat tends to make time seem slow. Embrace this. Time passes too quickly already, we should at least capture some of its beauty before its gone. Join me this fall for an “Ultimate Hygge Guide for Winter – In Texas.”