Unexpected Guidance


I was the baby of my family, and the first to leave our hometown to go to college. My eldest sister is very wise and knew that, despite my eagerness to get away, I would one day be homesick. As a graduation/good luck gift, she contacted basically everyone I have ever known and asked for a letter of encouragement for me as I moved away. She handcrafted a beautiful book that includes 70 letters. The authors include family members, childhood friends, teachers, and even my dog (her green and gold paw prints are the cutest!). I have a permanent compilation of Scripture, advice, memories, and love from those who know me best.

What does any of this have to do with a blog written for mothers? Yes, this is a GREAT gift idea for any of you who have soon-to-be graduates of high school. It truly did help combat homesickness in my early college days. However, that is not my intent of writing this blog. I got pregnant my freshman year of college. I went back to my hometown for the majority of my pregnancy and the first 6 months of my twins’ lives, and now I’ve returned to finish my undergraduate degree. In January 2018, I will once again be a college student. So, I pulled out my “Baylor Binders” that hold all those notes from people in my life. I curled up with my {second} cup of coffee and a box of tissues, and I read those loving words. Almost immediately, I realized how accurate most of this advice for a college freshman was for a new mother. Sometimes replacing “college” with “motherhood” is scarily accurate. Let me show you a few examples:

“I pray you’ll learn from your mistakes and not be too hard on yourself when you stumble.”

“It’s probably going to be overwhelming at times, both bad and good, but you can do this!”

“Always take some time for yourself despite how busy you are…you will most likely have some very late nights – coffee is your best friend, but always make sure to get at least 3 hours of sleep.”

“I’m not really sure what advice to give you for motherhood other than hang in there and remember that it flies by.”

“You are about to begin the next part of your life – a very busy time.”

Many of the letters include how important it is to “find your passion and purpose in life”. At the time, that meant choosing a major, which would in turn determine my career. Now I know that every moment in my life has lead up to me becoming a mother to my twin boys. I am going back to school because I have earned a full ride scholarship and I truly enjoy furthering my education, but despite any future careers I pursue, “Mom” will always be the most important bullet on my resume. The life path that I followed may not be conventional, but it is exactly where I am supposed to be. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is a right or wrong way to discover who you are meant to be!

The words of encouragement we give to others may not make a difference in their life at the time they were intended for. I’m 100% sure that my high school chemistry teacher did not know her advice for a graduating high school senior was going to be featured in a blog, written 3 short years later, when that high schooler became a 20 year old mother of twins. Spread cheer on a daily basis. Your uplifting words could improve someone’s day right away, or maybe the words will pop into their head years down the road and shift their perspective.

To sum all these thoughts up:

  1. You’re not alone when you experience homesickness for the first time, no matter how old you are!
  2. Encouraging words are powerful tools. Use them.
  3. Accept advice from those who love you most.
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Paige is happily married to Andrew and became a mother to twin boys, Hayden and Ashton, in December 2016. Against all odds, a girl raised in New Mexico met a boy from Michigan while they were attending Baylor University in Texas. Andrew and Paige took a year off to start their family, and have now returned to reside in Hewitt and finish their bachelors' degrees at Baylor. When the twins are asleep, she enjoys curling up with a Common Grounds coffee and either a book or a Sudoku puzzle. She loves breaking stereotypes of young moms by thriving as a twenty year old mom of multiples.