Waco Dining: Al Fresco-Style


Waco summers are hot. That is no secret, but if you can brave the heat, Waco dining offers many choices. A lot of new choices for dining, depending on your preference, dine inside or out. Here is a list of summer spots to dine in Waco, al fresco-style.

My choice is always dining al fresco. I have picked some Waco-only, small-owned, restaurants with outside dining possibilities. Eating outside is all about allowing the fresh air and atmosphere to flavor your food and brighten your experience. These Waco dining choices are places I frequent (or will once opened!).

Enjoy, bon appetit, provechito, and dig in!

Waco Dining, Al Fresco-Style

Hecho En Waco

I enjoy Hecho, especially if I can eat outside. There is a great view of the silos from their patio. They have a great margarita, along with other refreshing drinks to cool you off. The chips are served with a tasty bean concoction, along with hot sauce that makes this mouth happy. The food is unique and delicious. I suggest the Che Tacos. You’re welcome.

Moroso Wood-Fired Pizzeria

If you know me, you know I love Moroso’s. If you ask me where I want to eat, this Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pizza is almost always my choice. Dan, the owner is hands-on and its obvious in the quality and taste. The atmosphere is great, too.  Although they don’t have a lot of al fresco-style dining, you can eat outside. Even though I have never met a pizza I didn’t like, this pizza and I could be best friends. Cin cin!

Magnolia Table

I finally braved the crowds and I am so glad I did. Spending the afternoon at Magnolia Table is more than a good plate of food—it’s an experience. Like the silo’s, Magnolia Table offers many photo ops and Instagram-able moments. If you go while the weather is nice, while you wait for your table, you can grab some vitamin D while you grab a cup of joe. Al fresco-style at its best. There is shopping and flowers to smell. The avocado toast is highly recommended.

Cajun Craft

This adorable restaurant has stolen my heart and my stomach.  If you like Cajun food, you need to try Cajun Craft.  Waco dining has a short list of Cajun, and I am putting this one at the top. You can get everything from po’ boys, jambalaya, shrimp, catfish, chicken and pickles—perfectly fried, to etouffee. They now have indoor dining (air conditioning!), as well as outside patio dining.

Waco Dining, Al Fresco-Style

Clay Pot Restaurant

For delicious Vietnamese food, try this new-ish addition to the downtown scene.  For those who aren’t brave enough to venture out and try something new, they serve a chicken fried rice to die for.  The patio in back is a great way to dine al fresco. You are transformed out of Waco and into Asia. It is a must-see.

Waco Hippodrome

Hot summers are a perfect time to take in a movie in a cold theater. This is the exception to eating al fresco, sometimes you need a dark, air-conditioned meal, right? The Waco Hippodrome is an excellent spot for dinner and a movie.  You can eat in the dinning room and catch a movie, before or after, or you can eat while you’re enjoying the movie, by ordering food and beverages (even the adult kind!) from the movie menu. The Hippodrome is expanding, but don’t mind the construction-they are open for business. The hippodrome shows family-friendly movies, as well as adult only (R-rated).

Milo All Day

Milo is opening its brick and mortar this month and I can’t wait to go. The official grand opening is Wednesday, May 16. I might be there all day because I already know how good Milo’s everything is. The food-truck-extraordinaire has already perfected the biscuit and the chicken sandwich, but his magic comes with locally sourced, seasonal food. This is real Waco dining! I have tried food I thought I would never try because he makes it interesting and appetizing. Milo will have open-air dining inside, as well as a large patio. Hurry and open, Milo!

“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.” -Fennel Hudson

This summer, take advantage of Waco’s warmer weather and enjoy your dining under the stars. Or dress cool and enjoy dining under the sun. Grab some fresh air, a good meal and a cool drink and enjoy!

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