Waco Moms is Growing :: Meet Charra Burns


Hi, Waco Moms! My name is Charra Burns and I must say that I’m over the moon excited to be here. Being able to connect with moms who are all so different but share mommyhood as the common denominator is a dream come true!

I use my writing to express myself. I feel thats when my truth is easiest revealed and through writing I’m best understood.

Here lately, I’ve been wondering whats next as it pertains to our world’s new normal, but I’ve always been able to adapt to change and rise above, so I truly have no worries. Instead, I press on through faith and literally make the best of everything.

I’m a wife of 14 years and a mother of 5 little ones. I have a set of Irish triplets: ages 8,7, and 6, and following them are my 4 and 1 year old. We stay pretty busy and there’s no dull moments in my household. We love reading, arts and crafts, writing, Legos, Avengers, sports, gymnastics, and ballet.

The recent pandemic has provided me an opportunity to launch my own business, Think Learn Play. I’m a certified teacher and I’ve added the title education consultant, self proclaimed. Acts of service is what makes me happy so its a great joy to be provided the opportunity to help educate outside the traditional classroom. The community has truly supported me and my efforts with Think Learn Play. What a blessing!

There is not lots of down time but when there is, I am usually reading and journaling. Heaven on Earth for me is in a book or holding my pen and journal. No better way for me to relax!

I’m so glad to have shared a little about me, Charra the person, the mother, the educator, the business owner, the community activist.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all. I’m excited to connect with a new audience. Here’s to new beginnings. Cheers!