Walking Waco-Shopping and Exploring Small Shops In Waco


Waco has so much to offer visitors and citizens alike. Walking Waco allows you to explore and discover small shops in Waco, and other Waco wonders, along the way.

Because of the growing number of visitors Waco has, there are more tucked away treasures to explore in our town.  More shops, restaurants, bars, and other finds in our small urban town, waiting to be discovered. Walking Waco allows you to discover more of our city and soak in all it has to offer.

Spend an afternoon, or even a solid day, walking Waco.

Waco was recently voted the number two travel destination for 2018 in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice awards for Destinations on the Rise.

TripAdvisor provides reviews and prices for locations around the world on its travel site. On the same site, in 2016, Waco was named one of the top 25 Travel Destination with Skyrocketing Interest. It’s no secret why Waco is 13 of 25 on the list.

Yes, there’s a reason people from all over the United States are traveling to our small urban town, but there is more to discover beyond the silos. The monarch of all small shops, Magnolia Market has created a magnetic pull. Businesses, families and visitors are coming (and moving) to Waco, exploring what we have to offer.

And, we now have a lot to offer.

Waco has amazing small shops in the downtown and uptown areas that are worth a stop. Worth a walk. With the draw from the silos, the small shops in Waco are thriving, with new ones popping up everywhere. This is wonderful for both visitors and Wacoans alike.

While in the silo district, walk to The Findery. Because of gained popularity, The Findery is no longer a secret but it is a must-stop. What is a tucked away secret? The Findery’s Warehouse, located next door to the original store, on 8th Street. More furniture, more sales items.

Walk north on 6th Street, from the silo’s, you will find Savage Finds. Lot’s on the inside and there’s a great mural on the outside!

On the corner of 6th and Mary, Mary Avenue Market is an old warehouse, turned strip center.  Renovation is a wonderful thing. So are pie shops, Mexican food, clothing stores, and makers who sell their creativity.  You will find all of that in one cool place!

Don’t forget Spice Village! Located on Franklin, just a short walk east from Mary Avenue. Walking Waco includes walking up the stairs to Spice. Worth the climb, Spice is packed full of shopping small goodness. All the shops in Spice are small but mighty.

Austin Avenue is lined with small shops of all kinds. Walking Waco must include a stroll down Austin Avenue. The tree-lined street has the look of the 1950’s but you will find shops, restaurants and bars of today. Begin on 5th Street, walk west, and hit many stores worthy of your time and wallet.

Worthy, like Gourmet Gallery, a specialty kitchen store with handmade Waco items. Cameron Trading Company, a 36,000 square-foot antique mall full of collectables, is a short block away.

Hungry?  There are many places along the way to have lunch or coffee. Or perhaps a more spirited beverage? 

Further down Austin Avenue, is uptown Waco. Walking Waco, you will find more Waco treasures like Simply Irresistible, Christi’s, and Papillon Antiques.

Want to shop and eat all in one place? Have lunch at Sironia, a wonderful place to eat and shop small.

A bit further uptown, you come to another grouping of small shops. Back to back “picking” and junque stores like Junque Queens, Shabby La Chic, and La Grange. All great for browsing and buying. Continue across the street and do yourself a favor–venture into Lane’s for finery and fine gifts.

The shops continue down Austin Avenue until 18th Street, when you come to Waco Wine Shoppe. Here you can rest your feet and enjoy a glass of wine.

There ae a few small shops on Washington Avenue, between 6th and 7th Avenues, that can’t be over-looked. The rejuvenated buildings from days gone-by, now hold Wildland Supply, a clothing store similar to Anthropologie, and a shop called Gather where you will find everything you need for a dinner party, except the food, including hand-thrown pottery from Black Oak Art.

While the Silos might be the magnet, please don’t stop there. Walk Waco and you’ll find it is full of shops and
adventure. So much goodness, tucked away, waiting to be discovered.

Waco is a wonder-land, Waco is a small town urban city that begs to be discovered.

Waco is full of discoveries no matter your entertainment style.



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