5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Today


5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Today

Have you joined most of the world in listening to podcasts? Whether you listen to your favorite podcast with earbuds, on your desktop, or by using a Bluetooth speaker, there are some incredible webcasts, audio blogs, and educational podcasts waiting for your ears.

Podcasts are free audio programs distributed over the Internet. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to at your leisure. And from wherever you may be. The vast array of topics offers something for everyone. And, you will find plenty of choices for each subject.

Podcasts have roots in history all the way back to the 80’s. The spoken word through the internet became more popular in 2004 and has recently exploded into worldwide popularity, exploding into everyone’s home or earbuds.

These days, we are busy people, with short attention spans. The blog is perfect for this type of reader because most blogs are 1000 words or less. For the even busier person, who double-does, a podcast is perfect.

You can learn or be entertained while doing what you normally would be doing.

For instance, you can listen to podcasts in your car while driving or waiting in carpool lines. You can listen to podcasts while you are exercising or buying groceries. Or like me, I listen while I am doing laundry and changing the sheets on our bed.

Mundane turns into entertain.

Podcasts are said to be a customized radio station, although I am a music girl, so when I think of radio, I think of music. For me, podcasts are more like a blog read out loud or an interview on a subject I am interested in discovering.

This is the must-be-doing-something-at-all-times life we lead now, isn’t it? Podcasts help me learn while I get stuff done. Win/win, right?

I have put a listicle together for you of my favorite podcasts. Some are Waco, some are in Waco but about things other than Waco, and some have nothing to do with Waco at all. You can find podcasts about every subject you can imagine, and some you couldn’t imagine.

My list of podcasts is entertaining but also falls under educating, uplifting and inspiring, and encouraging.

  • Be You and Thrive Podcast

Dannielle Alphonse hosts The Practice of Living as we Intend. It is an inspirational podcast that has you digging deep, emotionally, and thinking deeper still.

You will need an (imaginative) shovel and a box of Kleenex. Or at least one.

Seriously, Dannielle focuses on women and how we ‘think, do, and become.’  D, as she prefers, is a public speaker who empowers through her hardships and life-lessons, including marriages, death, healing, and personal growth. She gives insight into how she has evolved into a stronger woman throughout her life’s trials.

And she leaves you feeling stronger and clearer.

This podcast was my first. I always think when I listen to D. And, I always feel. And, most of the time she causes a tear. (Hence the box of Kleenex)

  • The Wacoans Podcast

Listening to Garrett and Brittany Simmons in the Wacoans Podcast is like sitting down with old friends. This podcast makes you think you could sit and talk to them, too. You learn about Waco, but more importantly, you learn about businesses, new and old, in Waco. And, you get to know the people behind these small businesses.

If you live in Waco, this podcast is a must-listen. Add it to your subscription list now.

If you want to stay on top of all the new small businesses coming to Waco, you will listen to this podcast.

  • Waco Business News

Austin Meek educates you on the “ins and outs” of development in Waco in the Downtown Depot on KWBU-FM. Each week Meek gives you thirty interesting minutes full of interviews with Wacoans like city officials, small shop owners, local entrepreneurs, and those developing Waco. As you know, there is always something new going on in our small urban town. It grows daily.

Keep up with the growth of Waco with this podcast. You will also learn about closings and updates to building sites.

  • The Good Pod

In the Good Pod podcast, you will find interviews with Charis Dillon. She talks to small business owners, from all over the world, who talk business and anything else that happens to come up in conversation. It’s like small talk, and business know-how all rolled up in one. You get a lot of personality, a lot of entertainment, with a great amount of information. And the host is a fellow Wacoan!

Charis lives and runs her business in Waco. She also has a second podcast called Let’s Talk TV with Charis. Here you will listen to her interview people about TV shows. People talking all-things-TV sounds pretty good to me.

  • The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon is the host of The Influencer Podcast. Julie helps you with your business, teaching you how to monetize your blog through influencing. Julie has big-named bloggers on her podcast who are successful at using their influence to earn money from their blog.

She inspires you to continue, keep trying, and to step forward into your dream of having a profitable blog and business.

Whatever podcasts you listen to, don’t forget to leave a review. And, subscribe! This helps Apple know people listen and love the podcaster’s work. It helps them tremendously—so do them the courtesy. They are bringing you goodness, so if you enjoy—let the world know.

I hope you will give one, or preferably all, of these podcasts, I mentioned, a listen. Perhaps you will learn while you do. Or be entertained. Tell me in the comments the name of your favorite podcast.

Now get to listening and doing!

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  1. Dedra! What an HONOR to be in the mix of your 5 podcast list! It is such a joy and gift to be able to share the message of my heart via The Practice of living as we intend podcast. Oh wow! Thank you for sprinkling out your love through your blogs lady! As you know, I am all about women rising up and working in their gifts!

    big love to you friend!! Mwah!

  2. D, thank you for your comment. I hope you liked it and of course I would list your podcast–you introduced me to the world of podcasts! Now, I am hooked!

  3. To a Waco City Mom, From an Ohio City Mom, great choice in listing Be you and Thrive in the top five. From a mom who once was able to use her voice to share her heart, it fills my heart to overflowing to see my daughter flourish and use her God given talent to help others be encouraged in so many arenas of their lives.

    • Norma, is D your daughter? If so, she is a sweetheart. And yes, she has beautiful, inspiring words and they help many! Thank you for reading and for commenting! Dedra

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