Waco Dog-Friendly | Guide to Dog-Friendly Spots To Take Spot


Waco Dog-Friendly | Guide to Dog-Friendly Spots To Take Spot

Have you wondered where the Waco dog-friendly restaurants, shops and bars are? Waco is getting more dog-friendly all the time. Many of the new, and old, places in Waco, are more than happy to accommodate you and your pup.

Here is a list of some of the best Waco dog-friendly places you and your canine friend can spend some quality time together. Some are obvious and some you might not have thought of before.

Waco Dog-Friendly Spots To Take Spot


Here is a list of some Waco dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and shops.


  • 1424 Bistro has a romantic outside patio, located at 1424 Washington Avenue, perfect for a canine date.
  • Shorty’s Pizza Shack, located at 1712 S 12th Street, has a great outdoor area where dogs and their humans can hang. And eat pizza.
  • La Fiesta, located at 3815 Franklin, has a patio area where dogs are welcome.
  • Alpha Omega, down Franklin at 929, has an area outside and they welcome dogs.
  • Milo All Day, also on Franklin, allows dogs on the patio all day.
  • My three favorite coffee shops in Waco are dog-friendly. Take your pup for a cup o’ joe at Bru, Dichotomy, and Pinewood.
  • Another dog-friendly coffee spot is Common Grounds, located by Baylor. They have a gravel backyard and a shared area outside, behind Heritage Creamery, as well as Common Ground’s location in Hewitt called Slow Rise Slice House.
  • Lula Jane’s welcomes dogs on their patio. They are in east Waco at 406 Elm Street.
  • Another Waco original and a Waco dog-friendly restaurant is Vitek’s Biergarten. They are happy to have you and your pup.
  • Fuzzy’s Tacos, located on University Parks and Mary, is a Waco dog-friendly restaurant.
  • Cajun Craft is dog-friendly on their outside patio area with shade and picnic tables.
  • Katie’s Custard is dog-friendly and located at 602 South Valley Mills.


Some Waco dog-friendly shops include Wildland Supply, and Gather, both on Washington. Spice Village allows dogs with a leash, as well as Fox and Grey, and Bear Mountain.

Bars and Such

For the human wanting spirits, there are dog-friendly places like Buzzard Billies, Dancing Bear Pub, Balcones Distilling, and the Wine Shoppe. As well as, Bare Arms Brewing’s tap room. But The Backyard might be the best Waco dog-friendly bar because their outside area is a backyard.

Other great Waco dog-friendly places to take your furry friend for some socializing includes Farmer’s Market, but speaking from experience, they don’t like yappers. My weenie dogs are vocal.

Also, dog-friendly is Cameron Park, the H.O.T. Dog park (duh!), the food truck area’s in Waco, Baylor, and Magnolia Market (keep the dogs off the turf).

Dogs love being with their people and being out and about is great for socializing dogs. Remember to have a leash, be poop-friendly, and only bring non-aggressive pups in areas shared with other humans.

Fall is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your sweet friend in one of Waco’s dog-friendly spots.

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