7 Ways to Level Up Your Fitness Routine


We’ve all heard it, “New Year, New You!” As we start off 2023, it’s the perfect time to set new goals for ourselves. Personally, I don’t set resolutions. I set a few mini goals where I feel I need to find focus. Revamping my fitness routine tends to be at the the top of my list since it brings me copious amounts of endorphins and as the famous Elle Woods once said, “endorphins make you happy.” Over the years I’ve found ways to motivate myself, even when I wasn’t feeling inspired— helllooo teething baby, no sleep, and chasing a toddler all day.

Here are 7 ways I have found to level up my fitness routine that I think you should try!

1. Check out a Group Fitness Class— There is nothing more inspiring than surrounding yourself with other people who are focusing on their well-being in an upbeat environment. My go-to classes are a high energy spin class at Rush or a killer Pilates class at Club Pilates.

2. Add Some Resistance— A simple way to amp up your daily walk or playground run is to fitness routinebring along a resistance band. As a mom, you don’t always have the extra time to workout, but I’ve found adding resistance bands to my daily routine has helped me tone up without a daily gym visit. Try tying your resistance band to the handle of your stroller or to the playground and try this quick and simple arm routine:

  • 8x tricep extensions each side
  • 8x bicep curls each side
  • repeat 3 times with no rest in between

3. Join an Adult Sports League— Maybe you spend all your time chauffeuring your kids to their sports and you miss being on the field. Check out Waco Sports and Social Club for a variety of different activities. You can join as an individual (free agent) or as a team. This is also a great way to meet new friends!fitness routine

4. Head Outdoors— It’s so easy to get caught up in spending time inside for your workouts, whether it’s at a gym or studio. Take your workout to Cameron Park and challenge yourself with Jacob’s Ladder. You can walk or run up the steps, take a left through Anniversary park and jog down the hill. Try making this loop 3 times for a killer workout challenge!

5. Try Something New— Make 2023 the year you challenge yourself by stepping out of your fitness comfort zone and try something new! These bungee and trampoline classes at Elevate Fitness seem like tons of fun; they’re on my list to try! Another high energy studio is REFIT Revolution. This body positive studio focuses on music and movement while including toning, strength training, and flexibility. HOTWORX is also a great option if you want to try out a heated workout on your own time. Not to mention, you can choose a solo or group class.

6. Gear Up — I’m a firm believer in the motto you look good, you feel good. One way I like to get some motivation is to get a cute new workout set or new sneakers.

7. Take it Easy— I know, I know this sounds counterproductive to ‘leveling up’ your fitness routine. But remember not every workout needs to be high-intensity. It can be as simple as adding in a daily walk with your family, using your baby as a weight to do a few bicep curls, turning on a kids yoga video to do with your little, or heading on an exploration hike through Cameron Park.

From bungee classes to adding resistance bands to your daily routine there are so many great ways to incorporate fitness into your daily life. How do you level up your fitness routine? Tell me in the comments below!