A Week of Summer Meal Plans


Since Meal Planning is one of our REGULAR activities as a Mom, I’m going to share some simple lunch and dinner recipes for a week in the Summer. What’s even more fun is I’m giving you music ideas to go along with your meals!

As a heads up, my personal meal rules are: protein, vegetable, fruit, carb, simple and few ingredients, FAST. A lot of people recoil at the word carb, but kids NEED carbs. There’s a reason they exist in nature and I serve them as the smallest portion on the plate. I make our meals dairy free, but you’ll notice this meal plan includes dairy (I personally use substitutions).


Lunch: chicken nuggets, ketchup, peas, grapes
Dinner: Tuscan Italian Chicken, Italian salad mix from HEB, Italian Fruit Salad (use half of a big melon), Avocado Toast
Playlist: Luciano Pavarotti or Caffe Italiano: Instrumental Italian Favorites

I made the main dish in my Instant Pot by throwing all the ingredients in. I used coconut milk instead of heavy cream. The Italian fruit salad took a little extra effort but was beyond worth it and will make many more appearances on our table throughout the summertime. My family loved this meal and my husband said he could eat it everyday of his life. That’s a winner, y’all!


Lunch: yogurt, garden lime crunch HEB salad mix, applesauce pouch, energy balls
(I save this combo for my busiest {or I slept late} mornings. So easy.)
Dinner: Salmon, green beans, blueberries, rice
Playlist: Harry Connick Jr, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole

My kids prefer the HEB stuffed salmon, but I prefer consuming the wild caught Alaskan, so I switch back and forth. The omega content in the wild salmon is so important for their brains, so I make it happen. Butter and salt is my Dad’s trick and it’s just right. Add dry Italian salad seasoning and butter to the green beans and your kids will love them. Choose Basmati rice from California, India, or Pakistan…less arsenic.


Lunch: scrambled eggs, carrots (I boil in chicken broth), Aloha roll, half an avocado with garlic salt, mandarin oranges
Dinner: Greek Table (hummus, naan, carrots, tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, grapes) on a lazy Susan and let the kids destroy whatever is laid out on the table.
Playlist: Greek Tradition (album)

They WILL eat this because it’s FUN. Slay your desire to enforce rules and let it just be a free for all. Be fun Mom tonight. If you’re feeling really inspired, prop up the folding table, chairs, and a tablecloth on the front lawn and make it a picnic. The neighbors might think you’re super friendly and bring their own tables and food (some of you introverted Moms are mentally moving this party to the backyard now…that’s ok – got your back girl. You do you).


Lunch: turkey/basil pesto/avocado/string cheese rollup, peaches, leftover salad
Dinner: 4 Ingredient Chicken Pot Pie, cantaloupe and blueberries
Playlist: Ray LaMontagne, Bap Kennedy, Van Morrison

If any of you have a good DF recipe for CPP, comment with it this second. I’m including this dish because it’s a great spring meal I loved as a child and you can make it so easily. Or go pick up the yummiest version of it from Secret Chef. Get/make a second dish for a family who just had a baby or anything causing stress in their life.


Lunch: pb&J, broccoli, cinnamon pears, banana
Dinner: Pizza (pesto for the df people and supreme for others), spring salad mix with Italian dressing and black olives, watermelon (other half of the melon from Monday!)
Playlist: Tom Petty, early Springstein, Ramones


Lunch: Curry Chicken Salad on croissants, leftover fruit
Dinner: Community Dinner (invite people over for burgers and turkey dogs), potluck the sides, make that Italian Fruit Salad for sure to impress your guests, and be prepared for a bunch of kids to pull out all the toys. The community is worth it.
Playlist: Los Lonely Boys, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson


Lunch: Hubby is in charge. I used to feel pressure to make meatloaf or stick roast in the crockpot the night before but in this season with little kids, I decided to simplify this meal and pass it to my husband. I have low expectations (he’s tired too). After church, he usually makes fantastic sandwiches. I’m totally on board with whatever he does.
Dinner: Breakfast at my parents’ house. Scrambled eggs, baked bacon, leftover veggies and fruit.

(Hide in a bathroom and try to complete meal plan for next week).

Here are some resource below, and don’t forget to comment!
What are your favorite summer dishes? Has anyone out there perfected an easy df Chicken Pot Pie? 

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