Exercise While Pregnant: 4 Reason You Should NOT Just Continue What You Did Before


1 It’s old news

It’s easy to quote the common advice as a seasoned mom wanting to help a new mom. If you had a baby 5,10 or even 3 years ago you may have been told it’s fine to keep exercising if you were before. However, you should not to start a new routine. Science changes overtime and with research we are able to find the best practices as we go. ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) says pregnancy is an excellent time to start a health routine read more about that here and here. FIT4MOM trainers keep up to date with ACOG guidelines and coordinate with local OBs, midwives and pelvic floor PTs to keep local mamas in line with best practices for pre and postnatal health. 

2 It may not serve your current body 

If you were running marathons or a cycling queen prior to pregnancy you may feel just fine continuing and that’s more than ok. As long as the bike doesn’t pose a fall risk and you’re staying hydrated on your runs (+ you maintain clearance from your hcp) you do you. However, you may find that your body is telling you it needs more strength based training to maintain solid muscle mass, or you need to slow down and focus inward with a yoga practice. The idea is to listen to your body not some arbitrary outdated advice. Honor what YOUR body needs during this time. Making humans is hard work.

3. You may not want to.

If you’re bored with your current routine you might want to try something different. If you’ve never been active and have learned the benefits for both you and baby go ahead and change it up. (Good job, you’ve been listening!) The other side of that coin is that you may not feel well enough to go for that run and that’s ok too. It’s true that you’ll most likely feel better if you make yourself at least take a walk. As long as you’re getting in 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week, you should maintain optimum health. Don’t get stuck in a rut because you think you must only stick to what you did before pregnancy 

4. You may not know how.

I am a fan of the weight room. I lifted throughout pregnancy and research shows it can be beneficial. You may be a seasoned lifter but have no idea how to accomplish the same tasks with a growing belly bump. If you’re an athlete used to Olympic lifts utilizing Valsalva breathing, you will need to retrain yourself to lift without it. If you’re a yogi you may not know the necessary modifications or the fact that relaxin can make over-stretching and joint pain impede your progress or cause injury. It’s good to have a coach who is well versed in pre and postnatal considerations to help you exercise safely. We are there to cue you throughout your workout so you don’t have to break through the fog of pregnancy brain to remember your modifications. That can be clutch. We can also help you mentally navigate the changes in your body, adjust to life with a baby, and help you rehab in the postpartum period. 

So moms, there’s no need to settle for whatever you did before. Try something new, different, better, or just better for you right now. When in doubt ask a pre/postnatal trainer. I’m happy to help!