Laura Lalani

Laura is originally from Houston, TX and graduated from Baylor with a B.A. in History. Although she never thought that Waco would be her permanent home, Laura has been surprised the blessing of living in Waco since 2009. Laura obtained her Master’s Degree in Education and has taught at both public schools as well as at McLennan Community College. Currently, she works full-time as an Academic Advisor in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. Laura and her husband Kary have three children ages nine and under. Laura’s favorite things in life are spending time with her kids, watching movies with her husband, planning ahead in her planner, reading most anything, journaling with Jesus and drinking coffee before the sun rises. You can find her on instagram @lauralalani

To the Parents of Incoming Baylor Freshmen

To the Parents of Incoming Baylor Freshmen The Baylor University campus is already a buzz with anticipation. We can feel the energy and momentum building more each day. With August comes the start of a...

Dear Summer Working Mom

Dear Summer Working Mom, I noticed you pulling out your calendar in September to start planning even though summer was months away.  I spotted you waking up in the middle of the night last February to...

I Love You Enough to Get the Flu

I Love You Enough to Get the Flu My middle child woke up with a 102 fever on that morning we were supposed to fly home from our family vacation. I’ll spare you the details...

My Hair Keeps Me From Working Out

My Hair Keeps Me From Working Out I have never really l-o-v-e-d working out. Any “working out” kind of comes from an obligatory, logical place that knows it’s healthier and should be a priority because...

The Mom Who Works in the Summer

The Mom Who Works in the Summer During the school year they don’t really notice that I work full time. Our school routine hums along nicely and no one is usually home during the day....

Barbara Bush was “Just a Mom” too

So, Barbara Bush was a stay-at-home mom for a long chunk of time. Say what?? Perhaps I never noticed this fact before because I (and everyone else in the world) think of her as the...

Surviving a Sleepless Season {With Kids Who Should Be Sleeping}

I have “that” kid. The one who doesn't sleep through the night. Like ever. That kid who wakes multiple times throughout a night. One time that kid didn’t sleep through a single night for...

The Familiar Hug of Easter Traditions

“Without the resurrection, the cross is meaningless.” -Billy Graham Full Disclosure. I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and everything, but that’s a marathon season that can feel...

You Are My Life’s Work

I remember the day that I called my mom to thank her. Like really thank her from the bottom of my heart and soul for keeping me alive. It was just a regular day, but...