The Familiar Hug of Easter Traditions


“Without the resurrection, the cross is meaningless.” -Billy Graham

Full Disclosure. I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and everything, but that’s a marathon season that can feel crowded and overproduced—sometimes chalked full of pressure and obligations with moms bearing the weight of planning. There are so many lovely aspects to the Christmas season; however, I kind of need a 24-hour nap or a vacation after it’s all over.

Easter often takes me by surprise as I turn the monthly calendar. The theme of rebirth and renewal with the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is like a warm familiar hug every year. We’ve trudged through the winter season of sickness/heavy coats/cold weather/cabin fever, so I’m straining my neck to see any signs of Spring. And I just love everything about Easter. I love the beautiful message of the holiday, the powerful music at the church service, the Easter egg hunts, the spring dresses, the {maybe} gorgeous weather, and the hope for the future.

As with any holiday or celebration there are so many ways to create memories, but here are three of my personal favorites:

  • Painting Easter eggs. A friend started this traditional years ago and shockingly we have kept going every year. Fortunately, it’s simple and pretty quick. Practically Pikasso offers a great deal on Easter eggs in all sizes. The first two years we did the “larger” size eggs, and I quickly realized that I couldn’t have a collection of eggs in that size so we downgraded to the smaller ones. I love pulling out the eggs every year. Eggs aren’t obviously related to meaning of Easter exactly but it makes for some cute Spring décor. I count it as a win-win for spending time with my kids as long as I don’t get uptight about how they paint. Oh and every year so far someone breaks an egg while painting, but the studio has always been so gracious and forgiving despite my obvious embarrassment.

  • Resurrection eggs. Think advent calendar for Easter. I have a love/hate relationship with something that I should remember to do every day. So in reality, I don’t do this one on the exact number of days leading up to Easter. (I’m definitely applauding and fist pumping those who do.) But, my kids usually play with the eggs on the kitchen table and tell the story of Easter using the eggs. Yes, I bought mine on Amazon although I know some super fun and crafty moms who make their own.  Most of all, I love the visual representation of Easter as told through the objects in the eggs and that kids of most any age can grasp it. Disclaimer: There are small parts so I had to watch my youngest like a hawk last year. I do have to take “egg” inventory on a regular basis to make sure that all objects are accounted for because I have found the Palm Sunday donkey hidden in the Christmas box with baby Jesus.


  • Easter Basket scavenger hunt. Once again, I snatched this idea from another mom and thought it was cute! Now, when I say “scavenger hunt,” I mean three clues hastily scratched on paper the night before. But my kids seriously love this one. Pintrest also has so many printable, cute and FREE cards to pull together a quick and easy hunt. Easter baskets are pretty low key for me and have usually involved something practical. For example, I will buy Spring sandals for the girls or a new book or snacks they eat. One year I gave someone the Veggie Tales Easter DVD I found on sale for like $5. I also include usable items like crayons, markers, or hair accessories for my girls…but once again all things that I would have probably bought them anyway. And buying the “pastel” version of anything suddenly makes it look “Eastery.”

In an effort to keep things simple, I constantly remind myself that it doesn’t take much to create fun memories for kids.

So what are your favorite family traditions around Easter?