Back To School… Thank God.


Back To School… Thank God

It’s June. Your kids just got out of school for summer. You are swooning over the sunshine, the smell of suntan lotion, tank tops, flip flops and pool time. You are fully prepared for summer mornings of pancakes and cartoons, afternoons of popsicles, watermelon and waterslides and evenings of lightening bugs, daylight until 9 pm and your kids staying up late to watch movies. It’s all so exciting as you try and recreate the amazing summers you remember as a kid. You planned epic vacations to make memories that will translate into adulthood. These are good times y’all!

Fastforward 2 months, it’s August. In Texas it’s sweltering hot. You are sweaty and tired all the time. Your kids are getting cranky from the heat, lack of sleep, lack of structure and schedule. You have run out of popsicles, and watermelon and if you have to layer on one more greasy coating of sunscreen you might scream. Your “summer body” is suffering from an icecream, late night dinners and Rose hangover and ever since the kids started staying up until 9, you only have a half hour to yourself in the evening and you need a BREAK.

I honestly feel as though God puts in place this perfect plan for parents. By mid to late August you are desperate for the structure and schedule that school brings. You are desperate for earlier nights, and calmer kids. You are ready for them to get back in school, to remold their pliable little brains from summer mush into the Little Einstein’s they are. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the teachers who give so much of their time and effort to make my little people smarter, better versions of themselves. It’s so fun to watch them light up about learning. I love watching them conquer “impossible” things and absorb facts and skills like little sponges.

I LOVED school which is probably why I spent over half my life there.  I just hope and pray that my kids have the same love for learning. I pray the teachers placed in their paths maintain their selfless love to shape young minds. It’s a gift I am forever grateful for. A big THANK YOU to all of those men and women currently prepping for the coming school year. May the fire inside stay bright and burn hot far into the school year. I hope you know there ARE parents out there that appreciate you and are thankful for the things you do for our children.

Good Luck This School Year Kiddos, Teachers, Administration, and Parents! Let’s make it a great year!