Featured Workout: Fall Fitness


There’s something about fall that brings a renewed energy. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the approaching holidays, or the realization that you can now step outside without seating profusely from the harsh Texas sun, but it feels like the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the cool crisp air. Hiking or a game of flag football? Both perfect ways to get moving this season. If you’re wanting to be more structured with your fitness, pick your favorite outdoor spot and give the following a try!

Find a bench, ledge, or something sturdy you can easily step up on to perform the following exercise circuit. Move from one exercise to the next with no rest in between until you get to the end of the circuit. Then, rest for 1 minute, hydrate, and repeat!

Alternating Step Ups – 10x each side

Step onto an elevated surface, planting the whole foot firmly. Be mindful of using your stepping foot to propel you up, squeezing the glute and leg muscles at the top. Slowly descend and switch legs.

Bench Squats – 16x

Stand with your feet hip width distance apart facing away from the bench. Slowly lower your seat onto the bench. Thenimmediately stand back up, squeezing the glutes at the top.

Incline Push-Ups – 10-12x

Place hands about shoulder width distance apart on the bench while walking your legs back out straight into a plank position. Lower the chest halfway down to the bench and then press back up.

Incline Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds

In plank position, bring your knee toward your chest to engage the abdominal muscles. Extend your leg back into plank position, and then switch. Pick up the pace to complete as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds!

Tricep Dips – 10x

Facing away from the bench, place your hands shoulder width distance apart. Bend the arms, sending the elbows straight behind you as you engage your tricep muscles. Press your hands firmly into the bench to straighten your arms, and then repeat.

Complete 3-5 rounds.

How are you getting moving during this change of seasons? Let us know your favorite way to move your body in the comments below. Bonus points if you’re including nature!