I’m Not a Birthday Party Mom


It’s always a loaded question each year around my children’s birthdays, “Are you doing anything for the kids’ birthday?” While yes, we are celebrating their precious life, no, we do not do it with a party.

It’s not the lack of us not loving birthday parties, not because it’s a religious view, or that I even think they are a bad idea…but STRESS. I cannot deal with party planning stress. I can’t even pick out decor for my home, so party planning of any kind is torture, for me.

Trying to get out invites, pick decorations, themes, food, keeping kids entertained, and presents. It all just culminates into one big ball of stress. I do have friends who LIVE for party planning in which, I simply sit back in absolute awe of how amazing and detail oriented they are! I aspire to be you, but I’m not that kinda girl. 

So far my children’s birthdays have entailed a small cake, candles, balloons, a gift and dinner of their choice with visits from the grandparents sprinkled throughout. It’s quaint, its simple, but we focus 100% of the day on them without any worry a party may bring. I’m sure one day our kid’s will ask for a birthday party and I will do my best to do that for them. But for now, this works, for now we enjoy this special time and soak up that they want to spend their birthdays with mommy and daddy, cause one day they will be too cool for hanging out with us on their special day.

So if this is you, if you don’t get super excited and go all out for your child’s birthday it’s ok. I promise you, your child will not feel cheated or disappointed. Making your baby feel special doesn’t always have to come in the form of a gathering. Do what works best for your family and adapt as they grow older.