Why Quality Care is A Top Priority at Premier ER & Urgent Care

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As a parent, you always worry about your children.

Personally, I feel like I always have an idea of “what could happen” and that presents even more anxiety. Is anyone else guilty of this as well?

No parent ever wants to end up in an emergency room or urgent care with a loved one, but it is almost inevitable. That pesky fever that will not budge, that broken bone from falling off of a trampoline, and the list goes on, however; I am incredibly thankful to have Premier ER & Urgent care only a few blocks away from our home. My 6 year old struggles with asthma and one night we did not like the way she was breathing. We did everything on our “check list” to get her comfortable, but we knew seeing a doctor was our next step. So, at 9:30PM my husband drove her to the urgent care. At 9:37PM, he text me that they were already back in a room and being treated. That is SEVEN minutes! You have no idea how much that put my worrying heart at ease. Did you know that 40 percent of their patients are under the age of 16?  They are trained in emergency
pediatric care and work with children everyday. They took a scary situation and put us all at ease. No parent wants to see their child struggling to catch their breath. I will be forever thankful by Premier’s quick response time. My husband picked up her prescription and we were all back in bed by 10:45PM. 

Premier is essentially a comprehensive solution to unscheduled care.  By combining their ER and Urgent Care, they have created a cost-effective way to give care with little-to-no wait.  I also want to mention that my husband raved about the cleanliness of the Woodway facility. I have also heard that this is a common theme of every single location. 

We were all treated with compassion and kindness. Like I said, you never can plan for an unexpected illness or accident, however; you can put Premier ER & Urgent care in your back pocket for these situations. They have a total of four locations to serve our community.

From one mom to another, we cannot say enough good things about Premier!