Eating At Magnolia | Magnolia Market’s Food Trucks


Eating At Magnolia | Magnolia Market’s Food Trucks

Magnolia Market’s food truck scene is one of the largest that Waco houses. Have you been to the silos lately to enjoy a tasty treat?

Street eats are the urban way of life for many cities, and Waco has many food trucks for you to delight in, including a plethora at Magnolia Market’s food trucks.

Waco’s food truck scene spans from University Parks Drive, along the river to the silo’s and beyond. The food trucks only add to the downtown experience, and the trend is sprouting like weeds, truck by truck, menu by menu.

Magnolia Market has many four-wheeled eateries with specialized menus and creative tastes. These tastes are served up in trucks of all shapes and sizes, at the silos, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. And drinks!

Eating At Magnolia--Magnolia Market's Food Trucks

The grounds at Magnolia Market are worth walking around. You know how Disney thinks of everything and every detail?  So, does Joanna. The silo market area is worthy of your time, walking around exploring, indulging in every element, in every corner. Oh, and the photo opportunities!

Oh, and the eating opportunities!

If you are visiting our small urban town, you probably are here to visit the silos, and if so, plan on immersing yourself into the total experience. And by that, I mean the food trucks.

For Wacoans, it is easy to experience the food scene at Magnolia more often. That is if you don’t mind the crowds and high temperatures Waco has over five months out of the twelve.

Magnolia Market’s food trucks are a great place to take your family for lunch, no matter your family’s age. And everyone can order what they want. Think of the possibilities! You will find delicious Waco-famous food at the food trucks.

Magnolia Market is also one of Waco’s many dog-friendly places, as long as you keep Spot off the faux grass.

Eat Your Desert First

While at the silos, visit the bakery, called Silos Baking Co. This delectable shop bakes Joanna’s too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes and cookies. Expect to wait in an extended line to taste one of these cupcakes, which are Instagram-worthy.

But, if you don’t care about the cuteness and experience of the bakery, visit the Silo’s cupcake truck on the grounds. And the wait will be shorter!

Magnolia Market’s food trucks also include delightful treats like The Caramel Cart, Chuck’s Gourmet Popcorn, and Co-town Crepes!

Dinner is served

The famous Magnolia Table has a truck at the silos that offers a limited menu. Again, if you don’t want to wait hours at the restaurant, wait in a short line here.

At the Market’s food trucks, you will also find a delicious wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza truck where the pizza is made fresh and served hot from 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza. This pizza is not your ordinary pizza. They describe it as an artisan-style. I describe it as delicious.

You can enjoy to-die-for grilled cheese sandwiches from Cheddar Box. The stress here is on cheese. Their motto is “So cheesy; you’ll think we’re kidding!” No kidding!

Look for the pretty grey hut at Magnolia Market called Co-Town Crepes. They serve up scrumptious crepes for lunch and as stated earlier, crepes for dessert. I say yes to both!

For one of Waco’s best burgers, try Captain Billy Whizzbangs! Trust me—juicy, cheesy, yumm! Just a good old burger. Sometimes, that is all you need. Oh, and order the fries! And, get plenty napkins!!

If you are more of a hot-dog kinda person, enjoy a juicy dog from H.O.T Dog House. These are gourmet dogs, because yes! This is the dog house you say yes to, so they say.

Eating At Magnolia--Magnolia Market's Food Trucks

What do I eat when I go to the food trucks at Magnolia Market?

Waco-famous and one of the first here in Waco is an Asian-influenced concoction called Club Sandwich. A rice bowl. But more. You choose your bowl, your meat, sauce and the concoct. Get ready for an explosion of flavor. Youngdae Moon serves up not only great cuisine but his smiles and laughs. He is known for his out-going personality. Visiting his truck not only brightens your taste buds but also will brighten your day.

Liquid Delights

Magnolia Market’s food trucks also includes a few places to quench your thirst. You can get drinks at all the trucks–but these trucks serve more than water.

Luna Juice Bar serves the freshest, cold-pressed juice around and it is a must-try. They also have freshly blended smoothies and healthy salads. When in season, you will see people walking around with coconuts and watermelons with straws. These aren’t adult drinks; they are all-natural fruit drinks from Luna Juice Bar.

Don’t go crazy here, but I think I might be the only Texan who does not like sweet tea. (I know, sorry!) Anyways, I hear Alabama Sweet Tea is really good and on a hot day at the market, I might even try it. They serve it in adorable mason jars. (Wonder if they have unsweetened?)

Social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, allows the food-truckers the ability to reach their target audience, for free, letting their customers know about specials, closings due to rain, or sell-outs. Or to simply arouse your taste buds and hunger pains. So, follow your favorite Magnolia Market’s food trucks on social media so you will be in the know.

Before or after you shop at Magnolia Market, you will want to complete your silo experience with food and drinks. You can even venture out to the silos just for lunch. Remember the food trucks vary and are subject to change and the market is closed on Sundays.

When thinking about lunch, think about Magnolia Market food trucks!

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