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Hi! I’m Katie Snapp! And I’m honestly not sure how I got so stinkin’ lucky. 

I am kind of a collage of random experiences that fit together to be what I think is quite a lovely life. I’m wife to Brody Snapp, who I spotted at a bar in College Station and decided immediately that I wanted to sit next to him forever. I am mother to two baby girls, Stella & Sienna, who with their blonde hair, funny laughs, and sunshine spirits are the absolute best gifts from God. I always thought I would be a boy mom for some reason, but I think my friends and family would agree when I say that I have really taken being a girl mom to the next level. It is the BEST job/hobby/thing I’ve ever done. Together we all live in my husband’s hometown of Lorena, TX just south of Waco and I am genuinely shocked by how much this once city girl loves country living. I have really amazing friends who I am thankful for every day. But as you know, life isn’t always two-hand-wave emojis – so I’ll try to keep it real when necessary!

I grew up a few places, but mostly around Dallas, San Antonio and Washington DC. I thought I’d go into law, but ultimately found my nitch in real estate and have worked on projects around the county. I had a brief but stimulating stint with the team at Magnolia, and for the past few years I’ve enjoyed being a Realtor, working often with my husband on his investment properties. It’s so fun working with my husband most of the time, but it’s definitely NOT as seen on TV.


If you and I met for coffee, I might ask if you’d judge me for ordering a mimosa to accompany my chai tea latte. I’d tell you how happy I was that you wanted to hangout, because growing up in a military family, friends weren’t always readily available. I also might shock you a bit with my extreme transparency, admitted shopping problem, or stories of how I’m balancing being a 29-year-old mom who still feels like she’s 17. 


I feel like I offer the readers of WacoMoms just my genuine self and experiences. I might touch on some hot button topics that can be awkward but are ultimately real life. I also love recommending things like what I bought online last week, trips I go on with (or without) my kids, or even just restaurants or TV shows.  I’m a true enneagram 2w3 and a super hard worker. I curse too much. I smile, say thank you and pray a lot. I’m honestly just hopeful that my family and friends appreciate my E for effort attitude, because it’s the best I’ve got to give!


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The concept of “home” has always been a long story for me! Being from a military family, I was always a Texan, but where exactly I was “from” was a lot longer of a story than people were typically prepared to hear. After a few trials and errors, I’ve become fairly good at introducing myself and making home out of wherever I happen to be. Everything from designing my many childhood bedrooms, unpacking my suitcases at hotels, to watching HGTV with my Mimi in her bed, home-making has always been my favorite subject. After finishing my degrees in Strategic Communication and Art & Architectural History at Texas A&M, I jumped right into a career in luxury apartment development. I bounced from project to project hiring, training, and working with teams at different universities all over the country to achieve marketing and leasing goals for new and ultra-chic, off campus, student communities. My office was based out of Chicago, but I maintained an apartment in Texas near my now husband. I was (and in a way still am) always on the move. I eventually came close to settling down in Dallas where I worked in apartment management, focusing on new developments again, until finally it came time to plant some roots and move to my husband’s hometown of Waco, TX. A Texas girl who toured a few other states throughout her life and made it back just in time to have a career and family here! If you and I met at a coffee shop right now, I’d probably be going on and on about how my career in residential real estate has me busy on feet, as I also try and keep up with my daughter Stella and Golden Doodle, Willie Nelson. I might also be laughing about how working in real estate, often with my husband, is far beyond different from what some people have grown to expect a husband and wife team from Waco to look like. Long story long, I have a love for making people feel at home and I’m so excited to share my journey and hodge-podge perspective with you here!


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