Old Bethany Weddings and Events


Gather your nearest and dearest, and head south of Waco just a bit, to Old Bethany Weddings and Events, for your chosen day with your chosen one.

Or for a photo shoot, a party, meeting, or any excuse to see this white beauty.

Think white. Think barn. Image a lily-white, Instagram-worthy, barn nestled in the woods. A bride’s dream. A pristine barn, too pearly-white for farm animals, but perfectly-white for a wedding or event. Bright and lovely. Flawless.

Old Bethany Weddings and Events

Think green. Imagine a backyard, grass so green it must be turf (because it is). Party-ready lights strung above like stars in the Texas sky. Image chairs for your guests as they watch your vows or enjoy their evening celebrating you.

Every detail at Old Bethany is thought of with grace. Shiplap on the walls and ceiling painted a pure white. Big barn doors lead you out to the grassy area, perfect for ceremonies, parties, dances, or whatever suits you. The grand room, blank because it needs no décor, has enormous windows allowing all the natural light in, perfect for pictures — the chandeliers are hanging above for a finishing touch, like a stunning necklace on a bride. And the wood floors perfect for dancing, or for gazing.

The staircase, again pure-white with black iron railing, invites you up. I imagine many brides have fluffed their gown here at Old Bethany for wedding photos.

Even the restrooms cause awe.

The venue is a 6500-square-foot white barn nestled in a 100-acre woods, loaded with oak trees known to Texas. The owners welcome whatever you are dreaming your day to be—a backyard event, a wedding in the woods, a party inside, or a little bit of it all, big, or small.

The outside is as perfect as the inside. A large parking lot greets you, as a wooded pathway leads you to Old Bethany. The barn itself stands 35-foot tall and has an attached covered porch leading to the lawn. It is quite the site as you walk the path.

The downstairs area is spans the 3600-square-foot grand room, foyer, a kitchen large enough for prep, and a dreamy bridal suite. Upstairs you’ll find the groom’s suite, with a balcony that overlooks the aesthetic grand room.

Besides pretty, you have access to the building from 9:00 am to midnight, 350 chairs and 35 tables, a venue coordinator on site, as well as a security guard, and many options, inside and out for your event.

The farmhouse-style venue, located in between Lorena and Bruceville-Eddy, at 2730 Old Bethany Road. A short 20-minute drive from downtown Waco to the country for a crisp-white wedding, fit for a dream.

Old Bethany is available for wedding photos, family photos, group or individual. The owner, Rachel Whyte, of Rachel Whyte Photography is the perfect photographer for this job.

The owners, Rachel and Luke Whyte, along with Ben and Skylar Worley and Nate and Ali Sloan, took care of all the details before all the details are checked off your event list.

For contact information, https://oldbethanyvenue.com/

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