The Summer of Potty Training | 5 Potty Training Tips


Summa summa summa time! While the heat can get a bit intense in our neck of the woods, I love having my big kids home from school. Those last two weeks of the school year feel like riding a tornado and leave arts and crafts, teacher presents, and end of the year party supplies debris on every surface. And then it’s over and sweet freedom never tasted so good, am I right?

Except this year I’ve got not one, but TWO toddlers that are ripe for potty training. I know I just need to put my big girl panties on (see what I did there) and start, but y’all? Potty training is my least favorite part of this parenting thang. These two little ones are Moore kids #5 and #6, so I know what’s coming and the commitment it takes to get done.

I’m definitely making sure the most important piece- my own good attitude- is in place before we start! With our first four, I’ve found a few commonalities that have held true that I’ll be taking with me into this next round of toilet training, a short list of my own personal must haves:

  1. Resolve. Both the product and the characteristic. Ha! In my own experience potty training a little human can be like having a puppy…puddles, puddles everywhere- which is why I’ve been waiting for summer- outside time in their birthday suits leaves more puddles in the grass and less in the house. #win
  2. Time. Time to be at home, time to give all the liquids, and time to sit in front of them singing preschool songs or reading board books until the magic happens. I want to be right there if they do the doo, because that’s when the real reward happens. Mama jumps up and down, does a booty-shakin’-happy-dance, and sings the potty song. It’s like a party. Then they’ll be paraded through the house like conquerors and their 6 siblings will celebrate their…progress…as well!
  3. Skittles. Our Littles get one if the go number one and two if they do some serious business. Some people are firmly in the ‘no food as rewards camp’ and that’s ok. Skittles has worked well for us.
  4. A heck of a sense of humor, because a little humor goes a long way, especially when the project at hand is in fact out of my hands.
  5. We’ve had one kiddo who was super easy to train. I actually couldn’t believe it when he got it so quickly. One day he was in diapers, then the next day he was potty trained. No accidents ever. We’ve had another at the other end of the spectrum…and that doozy of a doodlebug is probably why I’m on the Struggle Bus about getting to it this time.

I’ve heard of the 3-Day Potty Boot Camp, and other similar methods that have worked really well for some families. I think for me, the answer to which method is going to work has come down to: whichever one I’m going to stick to. I think it’s less the method and more the consistency. I’d love to know what tips and tricks you mama’s may have up your sleeve.

What’s worked with your little ones? Stickers? Pull-ups? There is such value in the experiences of other mothers, I’d love to hear from you! Come Monday, I’m going all in. Wish me luck!