Purposeful New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


In the past, I’ve typically purchased a cute, new planner and come up with a long, ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions, then within a couple of weeks found myself feeling like a failure because I couldn’t seem to accomplish even one of them. However, I want to do something different this year. I want to focus on the quality, rather than quantity, of my resolutions. I hope maybe these things will inspire you or maybe come up with your own list of practical and purposeful resolutions.

  1. Practice thankfulness every day. Every day think of at least one thing you can be thankful for. In my own life, whenever I tend to focus more on being thankful for what I do have, I’m less inclined to be concerned about what I don’t have.
  2. Drink more water. Yes, I’m serious. Most of us, myself included, probably don’t drink nearly enough water. Buy yourself a cute water bottle and set a daily goal for yourself. Can’t handle the taste of just plain water? Jazz it up with some lemon or lime juice. Want to feel fancy? Treat yourself to some La Croix or Topo Chico sparkling water.
  3. Make time for yourself. Stick with me here. I’m sure you’re thinking, “I barely have enough time to get everything done each day, let alone make time for myself!” I realize this is going to look different for everyone. But do something that is relaxing, motivating, energizing or exciting for you. Maybe pick out a book you’ve been wanting to read and make time to enjoy it. Treat yourself to a massage. Get a pedicure. Visit your favorite coffee shop and take that book with you!
  4. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, I get so bogged down with all the things I’m not accomplishing that I don’t take notice of what I am doing right. So there are piles of laundry that need to be done, but I took the time to make my family’s favorite breakfast. Or the dishes are piled high and desperately need to be washed, but I cuddled with my son and we read his favorite book together. Remember to cut yourself some slack, mama. You are doing a great job!
  5. Give at least one compliment every day. Awhile back I read an article that discussed the way you introduce someone. Instead of just giving the person’s name, it challenged you to also say something positive about that person. For example, “This is my friend, Jane. She is one of the most genuine people I know and has such a gift for making people feel comfortable and relaxed.” I know. Hard stuff. But I like that it forces you to dig deeper in your relationships and remember those things that you appreciate about your friends/family/coworkers.

I’m going to strive for progress, not perfection, when it comes to these resolutions, and I encourage you to do the same.

Happy New Year!

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Camille Wilder moved to Waco from Fort Worth in 2017, and figures after living in Texas for over 20 years and marrying a native, she can officially be called a Texan. She's been married to her dream guy, Chris, for over 18 years and is blessed with three amazing kids: a bonus son, Addison, bonus daughter, Alexandra and her sweet son, Harrison. In her spare time, Camille enjoys yoga, hanging out with her family, trying out new recipes, baking goodies and sharing them with friends and eating lots of chips and queso, which she believes could totally be considered a food group.


  1. Great article Camille! Love all your tips – very doable! Have you ever heard of “One Word that Will Change Your Life”? It’s a book that says you should choose one word for the year and lean into that word instead of choosing NY Resolutions (which always seem to fail around the third week in January). 🙂

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