September Is Our Second January


September is our second January. It’s the perfect time to make resolutions to get us through to the end of the year. It’s the perfect time to begin again.

Resolutions, to get us through to our January resolutions.

When my kids were young, every May, I would look forward to the last day of school, and no schedules. And every August, I would secretly look forward to the first day of school—and schedules.

Yes, every August, I would find myself looking forward to getting back to normal. Normal meant regular bedtimes, and wake up times, regular eating and family dinner time. And proper time for me.

We would play all summer–go, go, going– but there was always a little part of me that yearned for them to get back to school so that we could get back on track. My husband always looked forward to this, also, because he stayed on his schedule and we were far from that.

Then they all graduated.

And yet, I still have that feeling, that yearning, for September and a schedule. And school supplies. Now, I buy myself some pretty office supplies—like pens, markers, and journals.

August brings lala-land thinking and dreaming of regular and routine. But with kids, and kid’s busy schedules (because with kids that never goes away!), life is far from normal. Unless you consider crazy-busy to be your normal.

One can dream.

“August is like the Sunday of summer.” -Ellen

So, If August is like Sunday, September must be like Monday. And we all know Mondays are the days we begin again.

August, for me, is also like December. Everything becomes too much, and I actually start craving salads, or at least—less of everything. I start feeling the August blues–sick of the Texas heat, summer over-indulging, and weird sleep schedules. There is also busy school shopping, and the dreamy summer vacations are over.

In September, just like in January,we are ready to settle down. We are ready to plan ahead, start or restart exercising, read more, indulge less. We are ready to detox!

September is our second January.

So, embrace a back-to-school schedule, start eating healthy (again), start exercising (again!), begin your Christmas shopping, and make a commitment to ourselves for “me-time.”

With our kids going back to school and schedules filling up fast, now is the perfect time to make new goals, or reset our goals for ourselves and our families. Start again, not over.

 You can re-evaluate that NYR that quite possibly failed.

Make September resolutions.

A great way to refresh your mind, start something new, is to learn. Go back to those school days, but this time, as an adult, you can learn whatever interests you.

Try hand-lettering or sewing. Plant some tulips to surprise you in the spring. Learn about caring for plants and decorate with some. Take up soap-making, learn a new adventurous recipe. Learn to arrange flowers or take up writing!

The point is to learn.

Google, YouTube, and the library are full of information. Indulge in learning.

These days, I still find myself looking forward to September. September will always be my second January. Mainly because of the heat, but there is a renew-ness about September that feels comfortable. It makes me feel normal. And anytime you make a goal, well-that is a good thing. So, enjoy your second January, and make the most of it! Tell me in the comments what goals you have set!

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