Spring Cleaning: Not Just for the Home


Hi! Charra Here! When I think about Spring cleaning, I normally just think about the cleanliness of our homes. However, let’s take a moment to reflect and truly think. When it’s a new season, we should want to consider cleaning and clearing out many areas of our lives, physical and not.

As Spring makes its way back, let’s make sure we are all prepared. Let me break it down and take a moment to focus on areas in our lives that we can “Spring Clean” in addition to our homes.

  1. Our Home: Let’s be real. It’s easy to let our mail stack up and those piles of outgrown clothes of our kids can really grow! Think about it, the last time you may have really did a deep declutter may have been before the holidays, and that was done to make room for the toys that your kiddos may or may not even lay an eye on now. You know that new $49 toy that they HAD to have! HAHA, but back to our main focus. Sorting through the stack and shredding our old mail and documents should definitely be on the list. Going through our children’s closets and our own can be a task, but it is definitely a must. Have you ever decluttered your closets and then visited one of the local consignment shops? There are several in Waco: Smarty Pants and Once Upon a Child to name a couple. The feeling afterwards is so fulfilling. An organized closet AND money in your pocket! Now that’s a win/win situation!
  2. Our Phones: Now let’s talk about our phones! As mothers, we take hundreds and even thousands of photos of our children…and ourselves! You know that you love a good selfie! Don’t let your phone memory get too full. Go ahead and delete photos that you don’t need, and be sure to back up the rest! Declutter your phone and remove old phone numbers and apps that you no longer need. Trust me, afterwards you will feel a difference.
  3. Our Emails: Cleaning out emails are a task! Think about how many unread emails you have. Some are spam-like and then some may actually have been helpful had you opened it a few months back before that Carter’s or Old Navy coupon expired! Taking the time out to clean out those old emails would be so refreshing. I am sure many of you need to do this, so go ahead and give it a try! Thank me later!
  4. Our Mindsets: Our mindsets are not a physical thing that we can “Spring clean” or organize, but we can definitely declutter by removing any negative or unneeded thoughts and energy that is within us. Clearing our thoughts and resetting our mindsets may actually be the most rewarding off of the list. I definitely recommend! We are cleaning everything else, why not just add this one in honor of Mommy Self-Care!

I challenge you to a little “Spring cleaning” and declutter 2 or 3 of the things off of the list. It’s the small things that truly make all the difference! Wishing you the best and Happy Spring!


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