The Best Sunscreen For Your Tribe This Summer


Whether you’re taking your kiddos to the pool, waterpark, or just an old-fashioned slip-n-slide, you have to go through the battle of slathering your child with sunscreen. We all know we have about 3.2 seconds of cooperation, so we need the most effective sunscreen available. There are constantly studies coming out about which sunscreen is the most effective for keeping our children safe from the dangerous UV rays. And although the spray sunscreen is every so convenient, it is not the best option for our little ones. The FDA is still deciding on the safety of this sunscreen option, but scientists believe they are unsafe for three reasons. The concern is centered around the inhalation of the sunscreen in the air. They are made with harmful chemicals in order to make them into aerosols so inhaling them isn’t safe. Not to mention that they are extremely flammable because of those chemicals.  I literally threw away every sunscreen I had after reading this.  So now what? As you stare at the shelves of endless sunscreen options, which do you choose?

Here are five choices you can find locally and you can feel good about putting on yourself and your little ones this summer.

  • Supergoop Sunnyscreen- Spf 50 This option is 100 percent mineral based, pediatrician tested, fragrance-free, silicone free and hypoallergenic. It is a lotion and easy to apply and rub into the skin.  It is resistant for up to 80 minutes.  They also offer it in a stick for easy application on the face.  Lotion: Walmart $16.78 Stick: $24 not carried at our Walmart but online at Amazon
  • Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby- #1 recommendation by dermatologists. 100% zinc oxide formula.  Tear free, water resistant up to 80 minutes, and the only approved sunscreen by the National Eczema Association. Also comes in a convenient stick as well. Lotion: Walmart $10.97 Stick $7.97
  • Blue Lizard- Australian Sunscreen- SPF 30. This sunscreen contains zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide.  It has been trusted by dermatologists for 20 years.  They have many different types from sensitive skin to kids and baby. They also have a super cool lid on their bottles that turns pink in the sun, to indicate when sunscreen is needed. Lotion: Target $14.99
  • Bare Republic Mineral Based Sunscreen-SPF 50. This sunscreen boasts the newest zinc oxide formula as well as a physical barrier to block the sun.  It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.  It also comes in a spray and stick formulas for convenience.  Lotion: Target $10.99
  • Babyganics-SPF 50. This sunscreen uses zinc and titanium oxides along with plant-derived ingredients.  It is made without parabens, fragrances or nano-particles.  This sunscreen is also water resistant for 80 minutes.  It comes in both lotion and stick forms.  Lotion: Walmart $9.78