The Change We Fear


As I am sitting here drinking my little cup of coffee, I am thinking about my journey as a Wellness Coach and just imagining me paving the pathway for myself, creating my space in the world.  I think about how people look at you as a joke or just don’t believe in you in general unless you have ‘made it’ in whatever profession you choose.  You make it in the world when you have an increased and surmountable amount of dollars.  Your value is based on monetary standards.  Why?

If you have nothing to show for yourself and your family, like new cars, a big house, nice clothes, the newest phones and gadgets, you name it- then why are you important?   True riches come from within.  Recently, I came across a post that said, ‘All The Things Money Can’t Buy: Manners, Morals, Respect, Character, Common Sense, Patience, Class, Integrity and Love.’  As I read this list I thought, “All the things that matter.” 

In my journey of being a wellness coach and pursuing my passion, rather than working as a nurse full time, I have come to experience and learn new things through these experiences (I love that.)  Change is uncomfortable.  Why is change uncomfortable? Because it deviates away from our comfort zone and takes a chance to dance in the darkness in the unknown.  For most people that’s a pretty scary thought. It also takes us away from the culture that we know as our normal.  We have created a sense of living normally based on the views and opinions of others in this world, without taking into account how we truly feel about these ways.  

In my experience, the standards have already been set before me.  You work, you make a paycheck, you pay your bills, you go home and you repeat this pattern day in and day out.  Purpose has never played a role from what I have known.  Passion- what is that?  Do I like being a nurse?  Yes, I do.  But I am looking to live a life full of deep meaning, purpose and passion. I want to give the best of what I’ve got when I am making any kind of deposit in this world, especially to others. In order to give my best, my work has to mean something to me.  I connect what I am doing to who I am authentically.  Who I am is based on experiences and relationships I’ve had.  And how I have reacted to those experiences and relationships has molded me into who I am today.  

I am not doing what others think I should be doing or what pays the best.  I choose to go out of my comfort zone.  Going out of your comfort zone requires that you have a vision. You must believe in this vision, even though it may be something you would have never imagined.  You also believe in this vision because you have faith and hope.  That is when change becomes easy.  No matter what struggles or trials you may encounter, you stay grounded and continue dancing in the darkness of change with joy because you don’t have option B.  You always go with Plan A.  You may have to take detours at times, and yield when you want to hit the gas, but you remain focused and on course.  It’s already there.  I don’t know how else to describe it, but you can almost taste it (or maybe that’s just my coffee haha.)  You are already there with your vision.  

Change is a choice.  Change is a little scary but can be exciting at the same time.  I had this thought this morning, “My world is created in my mind.”  We need more people who are not scared of change.  Leaders see things and pursue the thoughts that most people have but are afraid to acknowledge.  We are not wired for fear as humans.  We are wired for love.  Love requires that we get out of the judgement seat.  It requires that we get out of the chair of complacency. I am so passionate about what I do.  I would love for others to experience the joy and thrill it is to wake up and be excited to do something you love to do.  Regardless of the monetary value.  That will come eventually- this I know.  You know you are on the right path when you are filled with so much joy and excitement, you almost feel like a young kid again.  That’s the kind of excitement I’m talking about.  So what kind of value does pursuing your passion bring to others?  What kind of changes are you willing to dance with?